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    What do you think of this keyboard? (similar suggestions welcomed)

    I would honestly go with the Corsair K70 Cherry MX Red switches as they are amazing. Especially the black on blue LED it's just gorgeous. Also, Corsair warranty is very good as I have dealt with them before.
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    Razer Blackwidow Keyboards Worth it?

    My personally prefer using the Corsair K70 Mechanical Cherry MX Red Keyboard. They are extremely comfortable and I really really do like Cherry MX Red switches....
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    MSI GTX 780 ti resale value?

    I recently sold my EVGA GTX 780 TI Dual Classified on EVGA for $420...So I think you can let it go for $400.
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    SLI 970 3.5GB VRAM question for 3440x1440

    If you want SLI for 4K, you might opt for titans or some GTX 780 6GB if you can find some.
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    Petitioning for 970 Refund

    Good luck with that.