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    PS3 impressions. Let's hear what you think!

    How are people playing or going to play at 1080p at all? There are virtually zero plasma and LCD's for sale that can even do 1080p and almost all do 720p at best and a cheap version of 1080i. The best plasma and LCD's for the money do 720p and a ghetto 1080i. These are all sets from zero dollars...
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    Wii sales numbers

    Don't forget Nintendo makes money on consoles and games whereas Sony and Microsoft have started the trends of losing money on the console and lots of it. Despite the higher cost of the PS3 Nintendo is making more profit they even made alot of profit off the gamecube :).
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    HOT? G15 Gaming keyboard $55

    Got this this week and similar to a recent poster above me stated it's well made looks great and seems fine. I try not to do much work at home concerning typing I hope...
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    Nobody Plays Quake 4 Multiplayer?

    Yea I played Quake 4 MP for like 2 days and couldn't stick with it it sucked so hard. I played mainly FEAR and had a ton of more fun in MP than I ever did in Q4. Anyways now that FEAR wore off it's back to WoW Star Wars Empire at War and BFME2 the three games eating up my time :p. I gotta say...
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    Is 7900GT (GTX?) going to kill X1900XTX?

    If you think he is trying to start a flame war and trolling then why did you guys take the bait and get upset? Honestly
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    NVIDIA GeForce 7900 Series Preview @ [H] Enthusiast

    This was a superb review kudos the the [H] team. The widescreen eval was spot on I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sections in the review seemed very fair and provided the exact information most people want or look for in a review which is an experienced opinion with some facts. From the...
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    Empire at War

    Well the bomber method is just zerging which most are used to in an rts. Bombers don't need to worry about shields anyways... One thing though is against a human opponent corvettes take almost as long as fighters and bombers to build the corellian and tartans are easy builds because...
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    Hard launch of the 7900 series!

    As the usual saying goes in the ATI forum wait for the drivers to mature rofl... :eek:
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    My New 7900GTX Pic

    Haha I need this while at work mmm
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    Hard launch of the 7900 series!

    Wow Nvidia sure has come around with hard launching a line of vid cards. They keep quiet till they have something worth talking about hmmm. I am glad ATI is coming around with crossfire and losing the dongle and soon to be master cards only way they will get any share is if Nvidia screws up...
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    IDF: Woodcrest beats down Opteron like a mangy flea-ridden dog, benchmarks to follow

    Would love to see that so we can get rid of all these xeons at work hehe.
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    "Oh I've always liked Intel, AMD was just a hobby..."

    I bought my AMD mobo and CPU because for the same or a wee bit less money and effort I could have a game multimedia machine powerhouse (X2 4800+) My last cpu was a 2.4 c which was fine but agp only :(. I favor Asus boards which is what I have for my amd and the last 3 boards at the least for my...
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    HOT: Star Trek TNG and DS9 full series collections for $314 each at DDD.

    Yea you never know what you are getting through amazon either if you go the used route. So far Amazon and DDDVD haven't proved to me they suck :).
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    Empire at War

    Oh yea space battles lag bad once you bring in all flleets full force at a station. Empire with some Imperials spacing in as well as some cruisers or corvs once they unload the fighters good god :). The game isn't bad simple rock paper scissors unit wise one of the better SW games I think the...
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    HOT: Star Trek TNG and DS9 full series collections for $314 each at DDD.

    I bought the DS9 Series and yes they pretty much go for 80-100+ dollars a season unless you find used or cloned copies. This is a very good deal I almost bought the TNG set too but DS9 = fave.