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    LG Demos Home Beer Brewing

    Great another capsule product that makes a drink and mountains of waste.
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    HTC Sales Are down over 61% in 2018

    I've had a couple of HTC phones, including my current one (U11) but I remember why I decided originally to stop buying HTC phones with the same issue cropping up on this phone. HTC are utterly useless at providing updates to the phone, even security updates are woeful.
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    Blizzard Entertainment Has Paid 100 Customer Service Employees to Voluntarily Quit

    Well isn't that simply the result of how investors look at companies.
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    NVIDIA Blames AMD for Excess GPU Inventory

    It is good that they are getting burned, teach them to try and screw over loyal users for the users in the Cryptocurrency market.
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    MIT Publishes Self Driving Morality Survey Results

    In many European countries you couldn't chose who to kill in a accident based on anything to do with age, gender, etc since it would technically break discrimination laws.
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    MIT Publishes Self Driving Morality Survey Results

    You are actually describing how a human reacts, we in essence don't have this problem since we don't have the capability to evaluate, consider, take action and avoid before we have actually crashed but computers can but the ironic twist is that another human not actually involved must programme...
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    Battlefield 5 Has Been Delayed By a Month

    Yes but it is EA so they'll still be releasing months of patches no matter how long they delay it.
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    ASUS RTX 2080 Ti & 2080 on Amazon

    In the UK the preorder pricing is 2080Ti - £1099($1410), 2080 - £749($961) and 2070 £569($730).
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    Two Sentenced to Jail for Selling Kodi Devices

    Wow this thread went full retard.
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    Researchers Say a Breathalyzer Has Flaws, Casting Doubt on Countless Convictions

    In the UK you have a similar system as Oldmanbal's state, in essence the portable machine is used on the roadside and if you fail then you go to the police station for a test on the table top machine.
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    Cancer “Vaccine” Eliminates Tumors in Mice

    One can only hope it comes soon enough for as many people as possible to benefit.
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    White House Calls for End to ISS Funding in 2025

    Funny how people rarely mention clamping down on all the tax avoidance and evasion methods used by people and businesses yet will rush to beat those with difficulties in life instead, the real ironic thing is you dream of being the former but are much closer to needing the later....that is the...
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    Tesla’s Model 3 Has a Range of 310 Miles, EPA Confirms

    I'll take a guess these figures are based on living somewhere moderately warm but not warm enough so you turn on the air conditioning.
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    Wal-Mart says it’s preordered 5 of Tesla’s New Electric Tractor Trailers

    Great showman as usual, might want to actually get what they currently produce going right before venturing on to other vehicles. I also question the 500 mile range, Telsa cars start to drop significantly once you decrease the outside temperature and increase the equipment use such as AC and all...