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    $20 off select Origin games

    check out this ass-clown:
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    B&M Micro Center BYOPC! month!

    Seriously, this borders on SPAM This is a "HOT DEALS" section, not "Post your works' ENTIRE ad" section... Post individual hot deals, save us time, don't SPAM!!!
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    Newegg: OCZ Solid 2 120GB SSD - $269.99 AR + Free 8GB SDHC Card

    "OCZ said that its Solid 2 SSDs feature up to 125 MB/s read and 100 MB/s write speeds and 64MB of onboard cache."
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    Corsair H50 or Hyper 212 for cooling a i5-750

    IMHO, the CoolerMaster unit is $29.99, while the Corsair is $79.99... Both will need two fans for extreme overclocking, so the Corsair unit will cost you at least about twice as much after all is said and done. Are you really going to notice the extra 200mhz or so from going water? Probably...
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    Cooler Master Refurbished Cases - Free Shipping

    If you like the CM690, you'll love the CM 690 II. It is TITS :) They DO charge CA tax and their chat customer service is crap! Bad attitudes if they do pick up, 1/10 chance of that :(
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    [HOT] Pre-purchase Bioshock 2 for $44.99 on Steam & Get Bioshock 1 FREE

    i may be in, pm me when ready ;)
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    Westinhouse LVM-37w3 refurb $329 NO SHIPPING OR TAX/CA fees for Californian [H]ard!

    Amazing monitors, got my two lookin at me- beggin for a third for some mean eyefinity... DarkTao did us all a solid, cheers buddy! Im a San Diego native but it was a pleasure to meet DarkTao in Oceanside to help load the van- Biggest game of Tetris ever! Alright Tao, lets get our third ;)
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    Westinhouse LVM-37w3 refurb $329 NO SHIPPING OR TAX/CA fees for Californian [H]ard!

    Put me down for two, possibly 4....I'll be meeting you there ;)
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    Sapphire HD5770 $146.88 Ewiz 10/15/2009

    i see $159.99.... is that price after coupon and after bing cash back? did i miss $146? FREE SHIPPING IF YOU CLICK THROUGH GOOGLE SEARCH:
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    Technet: Now with Windows Home Server

    TNCP171 20% OFF COMES TO $300 NEW AFTER TAXES sorry for caps :/
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    My first attempt at watercooling!

    nice, good job buddy. get some further pics though
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    e5200 + asrock g3 mobo = $99 after live cashback, free ship

    Please look into vmoding the chip, simple $10 defogger paint gets you healthy voltage to up the fsb to your hearts content. The G31 is quite robust, even the cheapy ECS ones do 3.33Ghz with simple bsel mod to 266fsb.
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    Unable to boot: Epox 9PNA+Ultra post code FF

    grab a fresh ram stick, stick it in slot 4 alone. Its been the reason for me several times. I have personally only seen a cpu fry on video , not with my eyes, its pretty damn hard to kill a cpu.
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    (Warm) 9800gt Low Profile + Rosewill 500watt PSU ~ $165 after Shipping

    tiny fans are usually too loud for good movie watching. I remember the ATI x1650 hdmi low profiles, they were destined for greatness, if the tiny fan wasn't so damn loud. any experiences with this card yet? I want it to be good, looks fun
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    barracuda 7200.11 vs barracuda ES

    barracuda 7200.11 vs barracuda ES Which is more expensive? I have both but im planning on giving the cheaper one to my friend and keep the better one myself. Thanks for any info.