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    Windows 10 users fume: Microsoft, where's our 'local account' option gone?

    For those of you don't like it... Get a Chromebook. :P
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    Linux Mint Cimmamon on an Acer Tablet ?

    I probably have close to the same table, a w700. I have been running Linux Mint for a year or more and it works without a hitch. My son plays all kinds of "touch" games and I use a KBM. I actually like it better with Linux than Windows 10.
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    Intel challenges AMD: “Come beat us in Real World gaming”

    Yeah.... Sorry I only posted one place that day... Obviously there are other retailers but hey... We all skew the results how we want to. But keep your head buried in the sand.. THERE IS NO INTEL CHIP SHORTAGE.. /s
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    Intel challenges AMD: “Come beat us in Real World gaming”

    We should tell intel that whatever they bring to the party has to be available at retail... IE, In Stock.
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    Anandtech: Xbox at E3 2019: Xbox Project Scarlett Console Launching Holiday 2020

    Am I on Arstechnica? I thought coming up with stupid names should have died about 2 years ago...
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    WHY DO YOU THINK HE IS? I am actually quite amazed that he is a "hero" around here... He is a greasy slob who smeared shit on walls and raped women... I'm sure he could write a compelling piece of journalism..
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    I don't like him because he is a pretentious little dipshit who rapes women. (You can't prove you're side so I don't have to prove this either). HE IS NOT A JOURNALIST.
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    Buyer wants return ram and I have to pay for return shipping?!

    I sold a 1080ti on ebay the other day. Winning bidder had 531 feedback and is from Texas. Within minutes of the auction ending, I had an ebay message from a user with 0 feedback thanking me for the item and saying they were the winning bidder. They said they had to travel because their dad...
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    Bye Bye Asshat!!! I mean AssHinge...
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    Apple Launches iMac With Coffee Lake and Vega

    LOL :) I play Rocket League mainly on it when all other gaming devices are occupied. It also plays Hitman, Doom, Quake, all quite well and I don't mean the originals :)
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    Apple Launches iMac With Coffee Lake and Vega

    My 5k iMac circa 2014 is still chugging nicely along with an i5 and old school Radeon. Plays the games I want to play on it just fine..
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    How Facebook Tracks Your Ovulation and Heart Rate Through Apps

    Wow... I'm so fucking surprised... But not really. I don't use apps. Or Facefuck either.. I mean fuckbook. I won't even let me wife logon to that garbage with one of my PC's.
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    Farming Simulator Gets an Esports League

    My 8 year old plays the shit out of this game... Time to have him start streaming it.
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    VRR/Freesync Nvidia Display test thread

    What does "Strobing" mean? Strobing "no" isn't a bad thing? or is it.
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    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    Look up stangmode on YouTube. He has 40k subs and brought in $30k last year. I thinks it is views more than subs though.