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    Has Anyone Ever De-RGB'd RAM?

    If the modules your interested in are gskill tridents try and find the ripjawV version with the same part# and timings. They should have the same ics or very nearly the same ics as the tridents. When gskill releases new modules they generally release all three line ups at the same time. If all...
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    Kraken x73 aio 360 fan noise and control vs 2016 thermaltake Riing 360, etc

    Ive no experience with aios only custom loops but i always make sure i do a second mount to be certain im making good solid contact and getting the kind of tim spread i want before calling it a day. On that note it may be wise to double check your mount and spread for peace of mind. Hopefully...
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    Why is my pc shutting off?

    How are your temps? Are your fans dirty?
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    What is the best thermal paste under 10 dollars

    I had been using mx 4 for years on gpus and cpus because its cheap and works great, $20 for a giant tube is great value. The last few years ive been using higher end stuff on my own gear like thermal grizzly and prolimatech pk3 with very nice results. Also tried noctuas nt1 when i picked up one...
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    Was considering going WC due to the lack of proper AIO cooling for 3960x's

    Corsair rads are rebranded hardwarelabs oem L series rads. They are the same rads that ppcs sells for $30-$40 less. I mistakenly bought an xr7 thinking it was a gtx when there was a shortage of hwl rads. I paid $100 with a %10 off coupon and still paid $30 more than i would have had i bought the...
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    32GB - 2 x 16GB DDR4 - 4000MHz+ capable kits with RGB

    Gskill is the only stuff ive heard about that has 2x16 ddr4 4000 c16. The trident z and royals are the only rgb. They are oos everywhere. Youll have much better luck trying to find c17 b die. Pretty sure the difference between 16 19 19 and 17 17 17 will be zilch. GL!
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    Repurposed Corona cooler

    Nice job! You shouldve done a sff on one side and kept the other a cooler so you could freak your friends out. Dude! Theres a computer in your cooler! Haha.
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    Thermaltake Core W100, question

    In the specs its says it has 3 front accessable 5.25 drive bays. So i would say yes.
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    Fan & Pump control from BIOS or Software

    Thats what i do. I have 3 splitty9 fan splitters and run them off 3 mb headers, then use the msi software for pwm control. Have 10 (3/3/4) fans running this way no probs. Much easier than going into the bios to make adjustments.
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    How essential is a “system prep” type of product?

    +1 as long as your rads didnt have a bunch of gunk coming out of them dont sweat it. Add some biocide and top her off.
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    Asus ROG Maximus XII Hero vs MSI Unify Meg z490, would the asus result in lower cpu temps? 10900k

    Not likely. The boards will likely stay right at the same voltages needed for your ocs so your temps wont change much if any. I went from a 9900kf on a asrock z390 phantom gaming 9 to an msi z390 meg ace w/ custom loop and nothing really changed. Other than my wallet of course.
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    Zen 3 pricing confuses me

    I forget, how many gens does am4 support now? Amd hooks you up with a drop in upgrade AGAIN and your pissin yourselves? Hmm yeah lets bitch about $50. The average rig runs what 1500 2000 grand...yup 50 bucks is going to break ya. Suck it up and thank AMD for existing.
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    Just had a brand new Corsair RM850X die.

    No way in hell id touch that model and definitely not the same batch with my gear again. Get something else.
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    Odd smell from new radiator and other questions

    All 4 of my hwlabs rads(sr2/gtx/gtr/gts) smelled funky at first but it went away after a few days. Pretty sure its the detergent they use to rinse them with. Ive got a corsair 360 still in the box but ill have to dig it out to see if it smells the same. If i can remember where i put it... Give...