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    Too late to start mining?

    Usable life = average 3-4 year span before these become largely unusable. If I was limping by with a June 2015 980ti right now I'd want the next generation card in order to play the next battlefield game. You'd have to believe 1080ti's will be relevant into 2020 and "paid off" by then if mining...
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    Bitcoin Keeps Pushing Ahead & Coinbase Gives Data to the IRS

    It's really not hard to do your taxes correctly and depreciate assets. Talk to anyone with multiple rental properties. Turbotax/h&r should create a CRYPTO deluxe version for next year's tax season. If you're making $2000+ a month, it's not a hobby.
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    Is buying an Nvidia GPU today a bit foolish, if Volta is (said to be) coming soon?

    There are also pre-builts pc's now with 1070/1080/rx580 for decent prices. Best Buy has an alienware i7-8700 water cooled 16gb ddr4 with 1070 for around 1100.
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    Lanjaeger Drying Rack Rig

    We're in the same boat. I updated my shipping address on one zotac 1070ti order and the estimated date went from Mar 2 to Mar 12-29. I'm impressed they didn't cancel these.
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    Too late to start mining?

    As long as the ROI period is less than the usable life of a gpu it will not be too late.
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    Is buying an Nvidia GPU today a bit foolish, if Volta is (said to be) coming soon?

    I would buy anything I needed at a reasonable price. You can still get an $8XX 1080ti from amazon or evga if you put forth a little effort. I'm of the opinion that Nvidia recently decided just to refresh their current lineup with ddr6 and may not ship anything until summer.
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    Crypto and gpu price going back

    Third. I'm excited by the changes with mainstream hardware. Common 94%+ psu's, less junk with 900w stickers. There's a lot to be excited for in the rendering world and I think people who are upset should go play with their xbox.
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    power connectors to risers

    I use every style riser and have had problems with each, but don't use SATA. Having said that, I used a 2 SATA crimped to 6 pin as the 2nd connector on a 1080 for awhile and my house didn't burn down.
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    Looking for a new case..

    I like to scour craigslist for those custom lga775 etc builds and recently got a complete system antec nine hundred case with 850w rosewill for $80. Great case with tons of fans built in.
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    FREE Slim Xtreme (SX) sample pack!!

    I took my first pill today and it is as advertised. I didn't eat a goddamn thing, lol. I'm surprised this forum was like the 5th hit on google, but since I post here a lot, i figured i'd throw my experience in.
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    30GB+ vista ultimate install?

    thanks i thought i had searched harder last night but now i'm seeing these things on google too, sorry about that... i had such a hard time getting the thing to work, what a mess.
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    30GB+ vista ultimate install?

    Hey guys I just installed Vista Ultiate 64 bit and over 30GB of my hard drive is taken up. Does this have something to do with the fact that I had 2x hard drives connected when I installed vista? I have only installed a few programs like device drivers/managers. I moved from 1x 18GB...
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    Please help, laptop cd-rom, I'm freakin out

    Yeah thanks for the response... luckily i beat you by 30 seconds or i'd be out 5 bucks =))))))))) boy was that frustrating.