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    No....THIS is a robot

    Oof...guess nerd culture acceptance has its limits.
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    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    Geez you guys. Come on man. Did you ever work with Novell? When MS LAN manager and netbios came into being there were no "network sharing standards". To say they are going out of their way to make it incompatible just shows your limited experience. More like linux at the time was even less...
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    Comcast, beware: New city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month

    Amazed at all the home user ISP experts who claim to know what really goes into building a fiber network. Something tells me the city will magically release themselves from the hundreds of man hours in PERMITTING ALONE they require from the private sector just to trench a cable.
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    Some of Kyle's best writing....

    This reminds me of someone I used to know. Around this time. Does Falcon Graphics or Net Force Arena(?) ring any bells?
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    AMD CEO Lisa Su rumored to leave, eyeing CEO role at IBM

    Rumors of IBM's death from people were not even walking when IBM computers hit the market. The "cloud" marketing hype as it is defined now has as much staying power as hyperconverged and SVN. So tired of hearing these supposedly industry shifting concepts which everyone squawks about like...
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    Uber Eats eating restaurant profits.

    I love seeing the ultimate epitome of laziness and privilege griping about others making too much money. Not only have "families" gone from cooking at home to toddler rationalizations of eating out for 70% of meals, but now complaining about how a company NOW delivers that food straight to your...
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    NVIDIA RTX 2070 & 2060 Super at Amazon

    This is a joke. Very decent mid range cards used to run between $200 - $300. I will not be participating. What exactly does this get you? Better be 9billion K on the cowboy dome trinitron. Just don't get it.
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    Which "actual facts" are realistic? There was no helicopter crash caused by a wave of radiation overcoming the pilot. There was no lone female physicist who courageously fought against the tyranny of left-wing communist authoritarianism. The workers in the water did not treat their work as a...
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    It was never promoted as a documentary but the writer made several claims how he wanted the product to be accurate. I have seen multiple documentaries on Chernobyl, even some which were Russian produced. Hell I watched it happen in real time as the rest of the world began to discover the fallout.
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    Sorry man, but STALKER was some the most unique, brilliant gameplay on the PC that has come out since Gothic. I only encountered the unforgiving weapons early on so the scenario you claim made you quite the game is probably a bit over the top, but there was no doubt that you would miss quite a...
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    Epic Claims Exclusives Strategy Success after Metro Exodus Outsells Last Light at Launch

    The fact that I can't watch Stranger Things season 3 on HULU proves that Karl Marx was right and that all corporations murder families. Excuse me...have to decide whether I want to upsize my 1200 calorie value meal or not. The struggle of being alive today makes me wonder why all those WW2...
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    Engadget: Apple finally reveals the new Mac Pro

    It happens all the time, yet it won't have the all the important Apple "logo" required for certain social circles. You keep harping on OSX as a justification for the typical inflated price tag. What exactly does OSX do that other operating systems do not? Everyone I know who owns a mac does...
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    5g and the weather

    Yes because in your short millennial lifetime you have enough experience to dictate to the rest of the population what is "normal". It is not getting worse and I know you have it so easy that your guilt compels you to jump on board with this cult to assuage your laughably easy life. The most...
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    BitDefender Researchers Discover "Terrifying" Security Vulnerability in Intel CPUs

    The correct response is, my apologies for making a knee jerk, combative response to a factually correct post that I misread.
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    Crypto Exchange Binance Hacked, $40M+ Stolen in Bitcoin

    WHAT THE FVCK! Well there goes any defense of crypto I ever had. Do you have a link?