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    a funny photo for kid gamers

    Why dont they just stand? lol
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    Zeno Clash

    Subscribed...the screenshots look fantastic, like a more detailed and colorful version of Team Fortress 2. If the next Zelda was on the Source Engine it would look like that lol. And yeah, what's the basic plot?
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    Braid :)

    The demo for PC is available on Steam...I was bored...but people seem to like it.
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    luke warm 285 @ BB

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    A from scratch Aluminium case... very different and meticulous quality.

    Hmm, why do all the fancy aluminum work when you're going to wrap it with wood? With that much detail I figured the case would be left alone...
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    What do you mean it's a TV is not looking like a Personal Computer or a gaming console? That made little sense...but I guess you're talking about the low arse resolutions they support...
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    What are the oldest games you still play often?

    What? More info please?
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    How do new video cards play wow?

    Yeah whats the deal with WoW and 2xGTX260? I built a system for someone who says he gets BSODs saying his drivers/graphics are outdated after installing WoW...
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    The 10 Worst Clichés in Gaming

    I see what you're saying. I loved half-life 2s healing, not sure if you've played that. You sometimes pick up med packs along the way, and other times, you can stop at those little stations that charge your suit up a whole bunch. L4Ds healing, you have to wait til the bar fills up before the...
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    What are the oldest games you still play often?

    Feel like crying everytime I think of ocarina of time, damn why was that game so good!? Gonna load up project64 again this weekend, so happy its possible to play such a golden game 10 years later, cause I lost my N64. Dont know what I'd do if I couldn't open up OOT again...
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    The 10 Worst Clichés in Gaming

    The last time I checked, zombies don't exist and gunshots kill people dead. :sigh: Video games are just that, video games. It doesn't have to be realistic in any manner if they don't want to. What do you suggest, the player run to the nearest hospital to find a kinky nurse who'll pull the...
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    "4890x2 Coming"

    What's with your username?
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    ATI HD4890 XFire Performance Review

    Hmm, so how does two stock 4890s hold up against two stock 285s? In most games @ 1920x1200, a single 4890 loses out to a single 285, with some games having an exception where the 4890 scores +0.1FPS over the 285 if I recall correctly. I think 285 SLI deserves to be up there, would definitely be...
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    THK where do I get one of those Half-Life posters!?
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Not sure what you mean, bigger doesn't necessarily mean less FPS.