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    Battlefield V Physical Sales Down 63% Compared to Battlefield 1

    I often wonder if the game production team just completely ignores their fans and feedback. Sort of like the Lucas syndrome where nobody could suggest anything to George. They said that's the problem with the new Harry Potter verse movie. JK Rowling is just too big for anybody else to get a word...
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    Google Recieves Criticism for Taking Over Health App

    If your doctor is so horrible, why don't you find a different one. I had been going to see one for 20 years. A few years ago I felt like he was running me through an assembly line so I switched. New doctor actually takes the time to listen to me and addresses my concerns
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    Trouble Mapping Network Drives

    try pinging the other machines by name? Maybe a name resolution problem, that is why i suggested using the ip address. I cannot remember if the GUI resolves name differently than the command line. It has been a while. Try the steps below for network discovery go to Control Panel Select...
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    Trouble Mapping Network Drives

    What happens when you run the script manually? can you map the drives using ip address?
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    Please move to Networking and Security Extreme Networks switches and gear

    I was looking at the X450-24t. I would like to get an L3 managed switch to play around with at home. They are around $100 or so.
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    Please move to Networking and Security Extreme Networks switches and gear

    Mod, please move this to Networking and Security forum. Anyone have any experience with any of their gear? There is some on eBay but I have never heard of them and I cannot find any reviews of their stuff.
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    New power supply recommendations?

    Corsair or Seasonic are my in all my machines, 24x7 folders and desktops. I have had it with other brands and failures. Anything cheaper is not work the time or frustration.
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    Does an APU becomes a standard CPU when it is combined with a discrete GPU?

    QuickSync works fine for quick and dirty encodes. Just know that you are trading quality for speed.
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    Bigger PSU or CPU overheating FX-9590, please help

    I would swap out the power supply and try a different brand. I have used Ultra power supplies in entry level machines without issue. I have had 2 Ultra power supplies that I tried in higher end machines, both dual proc boxes, that could not support the stress of folding. They ran fine in a...
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    What motherboard has stayed relevant for you the longest?

    GA-MA74GM bought it in 2008 with a single core Athlon 64 3800+, upgraded to X2 5000+ and now it is running X4 630. Use it for my main machine.
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    Home Storage Server questions

    I second that. The cheap Haswell Pentiums or a cheap i3 would be perfect. They are great on power. I am building one for a friend. It will be a media server and his test web server. If the box will be on all the time then go for a gold power supply. I cut $5 per month in electricity usage...
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    Holy .....

    I live in Northern Ohio, not exactly the sunniest of places. A neighbor put a bunch of solar panels on his roof last year. I need to go over and find out how that is working out for him. I would have thought that with this area overcast so much that it would not make sense.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I was doing some research and had read that you needed a powered riser cable for x1 slots because cards do draw power from the slots ( in addition to the external power) and an x1 slot is not handing out enough power via the slot.
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    WTB HSF for Z8NA-D6

    I just picked up the Z8NA-D6 from Nitrobass24. I thought I had a line on a pair of coolers but that fell through. Now I need to find something else so I can get this thing folding. I am open to suggestions on anything that would fit. Thanks
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    EVGA Overtake

    I think that tank1023 fellow was right about us. I will have to mention it to Preston and Buffy during our croquet match this evening at the club. I don't think we should worry much about EVGA catching the [H]orde, though. As soon as the servants are done polishing the Bentley, the chauffeur...