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    Porch Pirates 2019 2.0

    No, only a minute and a half clip of it was staged, at least according to the creator.
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    Billy Mitchell's Records Being Reinstated by Guinness!

    In case you guys haven't seen this video about this weird Azureth-style dictator and Guinness World Records, I'd strongly recommend it. I don't remember any American politics-related content in it, so don't worry about that. Honestly, Guinness has definitely lost all credibility at this...
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    Microsoft and University of Washington demonstrate automated DNA data storage

    It took 12-16 hours to encode and decode "hello". I guess it'll be a while before this will be in computers. So at the current speed, just doing a linear increase, so not necessarily accurate, but 1GB would take about 2,576,980,377 hours or 107,374,182 days or 294,175 years. I'm also curious...
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    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    TotalSpend 2018-05-24 19:53:24.940 $36.98 OldSpend 2018-05-24 19:53:24.940 $0.00 I get most of my games from Humble Bundle bundles or GoG.
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    Nintendo Sued by Peripheral Maker Alleging Switch Design Infringes Patents

    The fact that it wants the insanely popular Nintendo Switch from even being sold in the country tells me this is both someone who holds a personal grudge against Nintendo and is a troll (based on what court district they chose).
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    AHO: Memory Inductors Are Frequently Burning Out on Certain NVIDIA GPUs

    Nvidia is sure on the shady train lately.
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    The First PlayStation 4 Emulator Is Currently under Development

    Cxbx-Reloaded on the other hand is in very active development: You may want to try Yabause or uoYabause for Saturn.
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    17 Year Old Zero Day Microsoft Office Flaw Fixed

    This story gives me confidence that LibreOffice or OpenOffice is the right path. If only more places would adopt them and abandon Microsoft's horrible, obstructive, UI... So many old exploits coming to light lately.
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    Mark the Occasion - For Geeks Only

    I never thought Bulldozer sucked to begin with. It just did things in its own unique way... Gotta say though, feels good to know that my current machine and the next one I'm making aren't affected by the flaws.
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    Unhackable Computer under Development with $3.6M DARPA Grant

    This is an interesting idea conceptually, but execution will tell whether or not it's a realistic solution. Also, despite the article calling it an "unhackable" computer, the people developing this computer did not refer to it as such. They simply said it should prevent a handful of common...
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    Engineers Unveil First-Ever Design of Complete Quantum Computer Chip

    I was joking, but now that you have me thinking about it. On a serious level, quantum processing can and will do AI processing a lot better than current tech. If someone doesn't make virtual pr0n that can adapt, I would be surprised.
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    Engineers Unveil First-Ever Design of Complete Quantum Computer Chip

    With this now and the introduction of Q# and the quantum development kit from Microsoft, it feels like we're gliding towards a quantum future quite fast. For reference:
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Developer Eidos Montreal to Focus on Online Gaming

    Never played these games personally, but anytime a single player game takes a back seat to online play it annoys me. Not everything has to be online and this obsession in the AAA industry to make everything online is obnoxious.
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    AOL Instant Messenger Shuts Down after 20 Years

    Never used AIM, but I do still have disks for the AOL 56k 90 day trial circa 1999 (I think). Nowadays I find that I mostly use Skype/Discord to communicate with people.