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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    Wow! Just wow!! I guess if I can sell a kidney....maybe.
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    Amazon Prime at Whole Foods

    When I need organic or free range I go out in the back yard and get it.
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    IT Director Job Opening in NC - Apply Now

    Well sq miles it's bigger than Atlanta. Population of metro area around 1 million. I assume 500 servers is about right. They did not pay the ransom. Heard on news this morning they are working it out internally. I live here by the way.
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    Nissin Introduces Noise-Canceling Ramen Fork

    My wife is Korean and in Korea it's perfectly fine to slurp and burb. Means it's yummy.
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    Watch Star Trek: Discovery’s Main Title Sequence

    Oh well, guess I'll just watch The Orville. Not paying fee to ABC/CBS/NBC to watch jack shit.
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    Who is the Bigger Jackass?

    Too bad all the pedestals didn't get pushed over. I even have an MS in Art and I hate this kinda shit.
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    Cox Expands 1TB Data Cap to More Territories

    Got Google Fiber here in Charlotte. No caps.:)
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    Computer Science Students Should Learn to Cheat, Not Be Punished for It

    I teach programming in college. We proctor Exams to make sure the student's are capable of doing the coding. It's open book. Sure you can Google to fine solutions, but if you don't understand what you did then how can you pass an employee test to land a job? We talk to employers (BofA, Duke...
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    Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in Harvard Commencement Speech

    Apparently he's not aware of what's going on in Venezuela. I have no problem with helping those that really need it, but income redistribution is not the answer.
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    $150 "Light" Phone Does Nothing but Make and Receive Calls

    Is it bendable so I can wipe my ass with it? No? Ok I guess I could just slide between my ass crack then like a credit card swipe. That's about all it'd be good for.
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    “Dig Once” Bill Could Bring Fiber Internet to Much of the US

    Just so long as they don't hit anyones sewer causing a back up in your house and also hit your power by boring under your yard. Yes AT&T did that to my house and we're still trying to get our floor fixed. An AT&T guy came by my house yesterday to try and sell me their shit. Guess what I told him. :)
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    Senate Votes to Kill FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules

    Opera browser has a built in VPN you can turn on and off. Now whether it works correctly or not is another story, but yes I'm starting to VPN most on-line stuff.
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    NASA Takes First Steps toward High-Speed Space “Internet”

    Mega, that's funny as hell.
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    This App Requires Access to Write to Your Account - Screw That

    I just deleted my account. That took care of it, I think..... And yes I've got Nougat on my Droid and you can deny permissions on almost everything.
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    Mionix website???

    Are they ok?