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    Can a videogame be ruined due to excessive difficulty?

    Try this and compare notes:
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    win8 wireless is4bsues

    vista one should work, all you need is the inf file
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    win8 wireless is4bsues

    switch it over to windows 7 drivers, i had the same issues
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    The Federal Reserve Hacked

    surprised the "ascent of money" wasn't brought up
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    windows 8 pros and cons

    Pro's Faster Plays all my vidya Runs all my previous programs without issues Con's Drivers Minor IDE issues Fullscreen apps that impede more then help Minor Direct x issues that will fixed in the next update Reminds me of "Unity" Network crashes After being forced to use it...
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    Today Is The Last Day For $40 Windows 8

    are we talkin plural or...
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    200M Workers Want Windows 8 Tablets, Not iPads

    good news everyone
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    Next Xbox Will Block Used Games?

    they'll have to contend with sony's patents first
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    Reverting to W7 after two months with W8

    open up "cmd" and type in "regedit", its still there
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    You Spend 80% Of Work Time ‘Cyberloafing’

    lol my router logs tell a different story
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    Today Is The Last Day For $40 Windows 8

    i need to start going on a diet
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    Going to college in a couple of years, need some help from you guys.

    start building experience and getting messy with programming, the more experience you have the better