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    Diablo IV Announced

    the diablo games have always been about RNG. yes they suck at times but it’s not all bad either. there’s certainly arguments to be made about if they listened to the players but the other side of the coin the exact opposite arguments can be made. We also know at some point in time they may...
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    Diablo IV Announced

    you haven’t been paying attention lately have you? how many other companies put time into a 7 year old game? Stagnate and dead? Only to people who can’t play, hate Blizzard for not being on their person timeline, or not making easier than it already is. you might actually want to look into...
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    Diablo IV Announced

    They have been investing time into D3 as of late. The seasons have been good. They are reworking if armor sets. I believe we will see 2 new sets this next season. Haven’t been paying to much attention to patch notes... still play D3 and will play d4,5, 6 and maybe 7 (depending on my life...
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    Micrososoft Edge Chromium

    I’ve been using the beta for almost two weeks. I like it. It’s fairly snappy. Haven’t had any real issues. Has worked with everything I have thrown at it.
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    How do you control your fans/ pump. Advice plz.

    Seems what this place is about. The enthusiast. No one needs a car, let alone a corvette, or Ferrari. But damn if you can and wNt it. Go for it. I am buying the aquaero because I want the best and Zara and others have messed around enough to know it’s very nice and makes life easier. So...
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    FCC bans Robocalls-Texts

    Any little bit helps. ————— The Federal Communications Commission voted to approve laws that ban fraudulent text messages and international robocalls last week. The new rules in effect neutralize loopholes in the Truth in Caller...
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    Sold 1080ti new owner has black screen

    Have experienced black screens on occasion with display ports and HDMI. Some monitors are picky and don’t like auto on the signal. We had to manually select the signal for it to work. Just a thought.
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    Intel Notifies Partners of Upcoming Price Cuts

    I like it (Intel dropping prices). Not planning on buying intel but it feels like intel is finally seeing AMD as competition. I don’t blame them for doing anything up till now but it seems like now they don’t have a choice. Many are moving to AND and it’s not because they are just a outlier...
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    VideoCardz: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X to become world’s first 16-core gaming CPU

    Which is really interesting. There’s a lot of IT folks that won’t look anywhere but Intel. Should be interesting when you can get a comparable chip for a fraction of the cost.
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    Intel challenges AMD: “Come beat us in Real World gaming”

    Hasn’t AMD already beat them in real world gaming? Seems like AMD has a comparable product at a better price point. Arguably better in my view. That’s as real world as it gets. Intel can wave its epeen all over but why would I buy their chip verses AMD at this point? The speed increase of...
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    EU plan to fit cars with speed limiters could be UNSAFE

    Most people don’t know how to drive least safely. I don’t see daily hacking stories in the news for cars. Maybe it’s a problem, maybe not. It forces those agencies to rethink or fix. Override kind of defeats the purpose. If available most will use it all the time. The...
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    Toyota and Suzuki Announce Electric Car Partnership

    This is an added cost to owning the vehicle. Many homes may not be capable. Not a problem to those who can afford it. Harder for those who can’t and own houses that need the upgrade. Upgrading services can be expensive that way. But let’s just assume it’s pocket change to upgrade or...
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    Toyota and Suzuki Announce Electric Car Partnership

    So full of BS. Distant limitations are still a problem. 200+ miles doesn’t cut when a good day of driving may be 400+. Now you make the comment what’s an extra 20 minutes. I doubt you can find an EV plug everywhere in that amount time. Fossil fuels still win or HEV’s still win. You...
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    Toyota and Suzuki Announce Electric Car Partnership

    Nope waiting for the same thing. If I remember correctly I believe Toyota wants an all all HEV vehicle lineup by 2025. It makes sense. If Hydrogen fuel cells isn’t the answer then they have to fast track EV. Afterall that will be where the money is at. I wouldn’t mind an HEV truck. Since...
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    Visa, Mastercard Mull Increasing Fees for Processing Transactions

    Lol so does your tv provider when they raise the rates. I’d encourage you prove your claim.