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    AMD Chief Confirms New High-End GPU: "We Will Be Competitive in High-End Graphics"

    You do know that competition is the only way to keep prices down? It has nothing to do with Nvidia being honest or dishonest. How do you mean dishonest? They have a monopoly on the high performance GPUs and they take advantage of it. Personally I will not buy at today's prices for the RTX...
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    Lian Li cases

    I've got two Lian-Li cases and still think their material quality is good. What they tend to do these days is to launch models that aren't really well thought through, though. They also abandon models quickly, and launch a host of models each year. Short product life cycles encourages buyers...
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    Help me get some better computer audio going

    Speakers Genelec, or KRK. I'd go Genelec. You have to listen to it, or know your preferences. Makes a far bigger difference than the DAC as long as the DAC is resonable. If you go for passive speakers take a look at the NAD D3020.
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    What are the top 5 brand, high end, 3 way active bookshelf speaker, 3 ft. tall or so?

    Go with the pros. Genelec 8351 or 8260. It's what you find in mastering studios. Amazing sound, good support, and solid designs in all aspects.
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    “Microsoft Should Pay Compensation For User Upgrade Woes”

    I think they should pay compensation for placing the nagware ad that I couldn't get rid of without wasting my valuable time and requiring me to edit the register. Negative selling is illegal in parts of the world, i e, that you have to take action to avoid buying. Of course Microsoft got away...