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    PM me for details

    PM me for details
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    Suggest OS for low end rig

    Do you have experience with linux at all? If so, I would suggest Bunsenlabs, it's a very lightweight distro (successor to Crunchbang) based on Debian
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    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    the $35 deal is actually the $60 version (origins edition), you bought the regular edition. origins edition includes skins for OW and other blizzard games
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    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    How long does this deal last? I'm hoping till after 21st so I can decide after a free weekend.
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    Still have Amazon and Microcenter here in NJ, I'm good.
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    Ever played a game only to realize you were playing it wrong?

    I remember that game, I saw the NY minute option and was like, hell yeah I'm from NJ and I'm gonna do that. Never made it to the next checkpoint.
  7. funpak After discount and code - Zotac 1070 mini - $353.09 Gigabyte 1070 mini - $362.50

    Did you sign up for PayPal debit card?
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    What's the first video game you ever played?

    Sorry to bump but my first video game was Super Mario Bros on a 8-bit Nintendo. My first computer game was Lemmings.
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    Case for mini-itx build, been away for a long time

    I snagged corsair 380t off CL for $25 two days ago. the room is pretty spacious for mini itx.
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    Clear Acrylic cases...are they any good?

    i bought a sunbeam ufo from newegg last fall. it looked nice but a bit heavy. sold within weeks later. :/
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    My BFG GTX 280 OC Died!

    should've a video card as a backup. i went a week without a video card because of RMA.
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    CD Drive to Drive Tray Mod

    i can haz tutorial?
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    my nameless rig. [done]

    yeah but the platform his case is standing is probably blocking the airflow.
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    Need a case change, suggestions?

    go with a LL. :D
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    How did I manage this? (pic)

    really?! yay, more blackbirds to come!