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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    New cooler! Works great :)
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    Identifying Tower Heatsink?

    Sadly, the BTK no longer appears on anymore :( But! The TL-D14X is lol. and the matching little guy..
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    Identifying Tower Heatsink?

    I know! I bought mine in December.. I looked last month I think and it was still there. Nan's has very little stock left it seems. Maybe we wont be getting anymore TR stuff? Bummer.
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    Identifying Tower Heatsink?

    I don't.. it has vanished..
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    Identifying Tower Heatsink?

    It would be. You can order the Bolt Though Kit from Amazon for like 12 bucks.. comes with everything you need to mount your TRUE to a modern CPU. I considered mounting mine up too, but I own TS140P and LGMRT so TRUE is not really needed.. but I wont sell it..
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    Opinions, options for air cooling 5900x

    Le Grand Macho RT has been good to me. Used it on X5690, 3770K, 3600XT, and now my 5600X. I ran my 3770K and 3600XT under it passively cooled with no CPU fan on and it was fine for a couple of days. The 3770K was at 4500MHz. And it doesn't block your ram at all.
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    Identifying Tower Heatsink?

    Do you just have the sink? Do you have any other components? Those guys used to work for Thermalright, and it almost looks like Thermalright's Bolt Though Kit might work for you. They are on Amazon. If anything it will give you everything you need to mount it. Not sure about the top clamp...
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    AMD here I come?

    If it helps, just a few months ago I was using a 3770K that I ran between 4600-4800. Honestly.. it was fine. It was still fast.. but my 5600x on B550.. its ridiculous. I would love to buy a GPU to go with it :D
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    Scratches on Noctua base, worth saving?

    That's odd.. my Thermalright coolers have not done this :D They do have some wear but nothing like that.. Just use it. Its still better than a DRP4. If you just want a new toy then sure why not.. As for TIM.. it probably doesn't matter much who you go with.
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    How are Seasonic PSUs?

    I just picked up my first Seasonic a couple of weeks ago. A Prime GX-750. Very nice. I would recommend one. The cables are fantastic..
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I bought a 5600X from Newegg the other day for retail. There was only 4 in stock when I saw it immediately hit Apple Pay lol.. Third party was selling for 200 above retail. I hope all of those shit bag stores die when the world goes back to normal.
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    How to cool down ambient?

    You should look into 120x38s. I recommend them if you need to move a lot of air. Those quiet Noctuas just cannot compare. Neither can most other mainstream fans.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Nice man, check this out...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    It still bumps up against the glass a bit, but to be fair that card is quite girthy. I need a screw driver to get to the thumb screws :D
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Nothing too crazy..