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    The Tech Industry Patent War Visualized

    apple being at the center of attention again......much like many of their users act as well.....
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    Video: Dead Space Graphic Novel Short

    I hope they do good on this, love the series. havent gotten foam yet.
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    Boeing Selling A $15,000 Android Phone

    Will it blend?
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    World's Largest Potato Gun

    whats the theoretical accurate range for a projectile that size from that cannon?
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    Using In-Game Money To Buy Real Video Cards?

    Current Jita price for plex is 485mil.
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    Gears 3 Replica Gun

    dude has mad talent
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    Best Buy Explains Its Leaked Apple HDTV Survey

    And there it is, there is the most likely reason why Apple has been hiring marketing heads here lately. (
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    AMD Details A New “Ambidextrous” Strategy

    atleast their GPU department has been making quality products as of late.
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    Apple Hires Former Xbox Live Marketing Head

    My first thought was a gaming console too, but after a bit, it doesnt feel right that they would put out a console. First off, they hired only PR and MARKETING heads. I think something else is brewing but i cant figure out what it is, but one thing i do know for sure.............Whatever it...
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    Electrical Socket That Forcibly Ejects Inactive Plugs

    could just use a internal relay, said device isnt drawing X amps, the relay opens and the "phantom draw" is ended, when you go to turn it on, the relay energizes and your TV is powered up.
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    How To Fix The Android Update Mess: Paid Updates

    sprint is cheaper and you get unlimited data :) and my phone has tethering enabled by default without having to root the phone.
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    Ultimate Homebrew Racing Simulator

    whats your track toy?
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    Ultimate Homebrew Racing Simulator

    Now lets see you console guys trying to say that PC's suck.
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    Jury Says Verdict Close in $1B Microsoft Lawsuit

    So let me get this straight, they are buying chips from the asian market to make them cheaper to build but the asians are building them in the US?