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    Watch Dogs: 2$

    Grabbed a key worked fine on Uplay ... thanks!
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    The best quality is a PSU is key for me and Seasonic hits that note most everytime.
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    Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Pre-order starting

    Just a head's up it looks like bgphoto took down the listing as of this morning. I recieved a "discontinued" notcie from them this morning on the mailing list. Not sure what's going on there.
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    64GB Samsung EVO Class 10 microSDXC w/ SD Adapter $35

    LOL! I just got mine then I saw this post
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines $1.99 @ Gamestop Download

    I think this thread is more valuable than the game at this point, time-wise. :) thanks for the read.
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    WARM Corsair TX650W/TX750W $19.99/$39.99 - Refurb

    reviews aren't exactly stellar on these refurbs either :S
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    Domain Transfer to godaddy $1.99

    I'm not saying they are unreliable or they don't have good prices. But when my domain is not set to expire for 6 months they already start sending me constant renewal notices half a freakin' year out. It's ridiculous, and when you do sign up a new domain they make you jump through ten pages of...
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    Domain Transfer to godaddy $1.99

    wish this was transfer AWAY FROM godaddy because I hate them so much, WAY TOO MUCH SPAM in everything they do.
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    Netgear Nighthawk $169.99 Amazon

    I've been through a lot of routers most flaky at best. The Nighthawk is the first one I've set up and never had an issue with. That includes USB features which all the others seem to fail on consistently.
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    Just Cause 2 - $2.99 on Steam 48hr Sale

    definately a blast to play ... do not skip this one you will enjoy it! so much fun!!
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    Frys Refurb Corsair H60 Water cooler $29

    What?? really? that sucks, I know he was swamped back when I ordered but I got mine in a reasonable time and he did an awesome job. Too bad....
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    Frys Refurb Corsair H60 Water cooler $29

    these are perfect for GPU cooling as well. Have one on each of my GF670s and they keep them in the low 40s under load. of course you need to get a bracket from: DWOOD
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    Intel i3 2125 Socket 1155 $85 Fry's

    $85 just went down to $70 I have 2 frys within driving range of me may have to bite.
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    Corsair H60 Water Cooler $30 AR

    have 2 on my GTX670s (with the modded plate of course) they run awesome for GPU cooling. idle sits at 29c getting up to 50c under load after long gaming sessions. $40 is still a good price.
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    Gigabit Switch 15$ (OfficeDepot)

    WOW! that is a HOT deal. I still have a valid coupon for $10 off ... since I need some ink I'll pick up one of these as well. Thanks OP!