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    Using Windows 7 Will Get You Hacked?

    I have an AT&T router. The machine on 7 is connected to the internet, but I hardly ever use a browser on it. It's mainly my home server.
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    Using Windows 7 Will Get You Hacked?

    I'm still using 7 on one of my desktops. I have ESET Internet Security and Malwarebytes Pro version. Am I concerned? NO! You can do a quick check here at GRC Sheilds Up: My results: THE EQUIPMENT AT THE TARGET IP ADDRESS DID NOT RESPOND TO OUR UPnP PROBES!
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    Serious Sam 4 Released

    Available on Gog and Steam. I guess there are some bugs. Probably better off to wait for bug fixes. Some are really bad. Looks like a rushed game.
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    How do I fix the windows 10 desktop?

    OK I finally got it fixed. He had a hidden tool bar, so once I deleted that it now looks normal. I also fixed the language by during off "input indicator". ... indows-10/
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    How do I fix the windows 10 desktop?

    I've never seen this before and I have no idea how to fix it. It's my father-in-laws Dell laptop. It was running 7 and he wanted to upgrade it to 10. After the upgrade, it still looks like the pic on the right side - the task bar. I can't move or change anything. I then installed Open Shell and...
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    Can't safely eject external HDD or USB

    Try This If it does not work for you then uninstall it. I used it on my win7 machine because I like to be able to hide devices that do not need to be removed.
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    Transferring Applications from Laptop SSD to a New PC Build

    You could try License Crawler to retrieve the actual license. I did this with my old win 7 machine on a new install of 10. I needed to get the license key for Office 2010.
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    If the lockdown wasn't bad enough Windows 10 continues to screw life up

    The thing that is really stupid are the new versions every 6 months. Just when they start to fix the bugs, a new version is released that causes all kinds of issues. It would be nice if they waited a full year to release a new version and not force it down your throats for the update. I think...
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    Update 1903 to 2004?

    Yeah I can't wait until I get tired of gaming so I can ditch windows. I already have a laptop with Linux Mint 20. I actually started with 17 but now I'm up to 20 with a fresh install on an old Thinkpad T60. I have it setup running VB with Windows 7.
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    Trouble installing Windows 10 on a 2009 Acer Aspire laptop

    I agree with B00nie. I have Linux Mint 20 installed on a older Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Works great especially if used a SSD as a boot device. If you need a Windows app from the past, you can install Wine and run the app from that. I have installed Office 2003 and 2007 using Wine.
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    Once again I turn to my [H] family for help (Excel 2016)

    What about hard drive corruption? You could run a check of the drive by right-clicking and selecting properties, then tools, then click the button that says check.
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    If the lockdown wasn't bad enough Windows 10 continues to screw life up

    I don't remember but have you tried this:
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    Win10 won't post after going haywire in Sleep mode

    Until they started to screw with the 7 & 8 user base with telemetry and crap in 2015. Your best bet if you have to reinstall it is to avoid all updates and do them manually.
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    Do you use anti virus / anti trojan with Win 10?

    Windows 10 will automatically disable its own Windows Defender antivirus when you install third-party antivirus. If you uninstall the third-party protection, Windows 10 will turn back on its own antivirus. I rather by sure by using a...
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    Win10 won't post after going haywire in Sleep mode

    Yeah if it wasn't for my gaming bug, Win7 would be my last MS OS.