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    Windows 1909 sluggish although all resource usage low ???

    I have pretty much the same - I have a Dell E6540 with the Intel 4600 and AMD 8790M along with the AMD Control Center to select high performance or power saving. The only setting I've played around with was the graphics application setting. I have a couple of games that I manually selected high...
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    Windows 1909 sluggish although all resource usage low ???

    I had something similar to your issue. I used system restore and selected a restore point about a week earlier. Seems to have fixed what ever was messed up.
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    Windows 10 2004 - Microsoft removed the defer feature update setting

    Link Wonder how long before they modify GP so you can't change it? Just more beta testing for MS.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    LOL there is no way this old fart can play like that even at a lower difficulty. I think I'll fire up Serious Sam 2 or 3 which reminds me more of the original Doom.
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    WTB STB Black Magic VooDoo II Rev c.

    I looked at my old stuff and I have 2 cards. One is by Creative Labs CT6670. The other card simply says 3DFX Interactive. Both cards have ram on the back side. Sorry.
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    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

    And more problems... Windows 10 2004: Defragger bug defrags SSD Drives too often
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    FS: 2600K, Asus P8P67 PRO, GSkill Riptide

    Which one: REV 3.0 – NEC USB 3.0 controllers REV 3.1 – ASMedia USB 3.0 controllers
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    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

    Now it's breaks printing: they broke ALL PCL5 printer drivers Windows 10 printing breaks due to Microsoft June 2020 updates
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    Linux Mint 18.3 to 19.x upgrade

    Thanks for the response. It could be the old laptop. It's a Lenovo T60. I'm going to try the new version 20 when it comes out on a fresh SSD since it takes only a minute to replace the hard drive.
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    Linux Mint 18.3 to 19.x upgrade

    I still use windows 7/10 but gave Linux Mint a try a few years ago with version 18.x on a spare laptop. After upgrading from 18.3 to 19.x, I noticed that version 19 seems slower than my old 18.3, especially it's noticeable during booting. So my question: should I have performed a clean install...
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    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

    Same here. In fact, I've waited as long as 6 months before I do a major update. I have my system setup for a delay of 365 days, and 30 days for quality updates.
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    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

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    FS: MSI NX8800 GTS -SOLD

    I have 2 of these cards for sale. Asking $10 each plus shipping ($13 flat rate) to the 48. The cards were given to me by my brother so it's only the bare card. I tested them in a spare motherboard at the BIOS level only and they both work. Specs here...
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    More Audio issues on a fresh Win 10 installation- help!

    Interesting fix - updating to 2004.
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    Far from Windows 10, which OS is for gaming?

    I think that Linux is not there yet for your "AAA" gaming. I think you are stuck with windows 10. I would look at your hardware. A decent video card with 32 gigs of ram should work just fine. You can limit some of the crap with 10 using ShutUp10. I'm not sure how windows 10 LTSC version would...