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    Free: Two non functioning GeForce GTX 1080 Founders

    Hrm, might be interesting to diagnose.
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    I have several of those types of engineering boards, they are not that exciting.
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    Best recommended AMD Processor for Lian-Li D8000 server cube build

    This is why we love you Dan_D!
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    Planetside 2 to Get New Continent, New Faction, and DX11 Upgrade

    We, the VS, will always have superior asses and that's what really matters!
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    Demo Available For Solar Warden

    Its an old game called 'Solar Winds' The game in the OP and thread title is actually called Solar Warden, but it was typoed.
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    Demo Available For Solar Warden

    Wait, wrong game!
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    Epic Gives Away $12M Worth Paragon Assets for Free

    It states that all EPIC-released content usage is forbidden outside of UE4.
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    Trader wants 8-10 monitors.

    Modern (and specific) AMD cards can support 6 simultaneous display outputs, such as an E8860 for low-power usage.
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    PCIE Bifurcation

    Yes, they do. Whether or not the motherboard manufacturer locks it down in BIOS is a different issue.
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    Dell Quad M.2 PCIe card.

    1) It is to cool the IC that allows you to use 4x NVMe M.2's. 2) You shouldn't need a motherboard/chipset to perform bifurcation since that IC will already take care of that. ================== That one from Amazon only supports SATA M.2's, not NVMe M.2's.
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    choosing 24GB for X58

    Just in case if you were curious, I have 48GB running on my Asus R2E X58 with a i7-970 I bought from a member here. 3 sets of: G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) F3-1600C10D-16GAO
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    M.2 pin repair ?

    That's actually Pin-2, which is part of the +3.3v rail. Should be okay, unless the computer is going to be in an environment that has lots of shaking/vibrations.
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    Power banks with 5 or more amps for laptops?

    Try using a 24V to 12V 10A step-down DC-DC converter (you will need to do your own wiring of the plugs and some basic electronics knowledge) and attach it to your existing power bank while it is outputting 20v. Something like this...