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    Decrypt Laptop Or Go Directly to Jail

    What's to stop him from just saying he forgot the key? It's not like anyone could prove he was lying.
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    There is something wrong with it. It is unsupported for some software (like itunes) that is supported on other 64-bit versions of windows. Likewise, many printers (like my canon mg3122) are supported on vista-64 and win7-64 but not XP64. The 64-bit driver situation got much better for vista and...
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    Controlling my swap space?

    By default, the kernel swaps before all physical memory is full, because generally you get better performance from keeping the disk cache and swapping as opposed to dumping the disk cache to avoid swapping. You can adjust vm.swappiness to change this behavior. This setting controls how...
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    I/O Scheduler

    I've always liked the deadline scheduler and I've personally felt that CFQ has historically given mixed results (though it has seen some major improvements recently). Anyway, when you're dealing with storage that is abstracted (like your MDRAID over NFS), using the plain no-op (noop) scheduler...
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    Zero-Day Hole In Internet Explorer 6 and 7

    If they were fully patched wouldn't they have IE8? It's been out for a while now.
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    75% of Linux Code Written by Paid Developers

    It doesn't matter if the users can understand the code themselves. Many Linux users just care that the code is licensed under the GPL as a matter of philosophy, not because they actually intend on using the code themselves. And yes, of course companies could write their own proprietary...
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    The crazy returning folder

    have you tried deleting it from the command line? maybe also run checkdisk to see if there' some sort of corruption going on.
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    75% of Linux Code Written by Paid Developers

    Also, code contributed by corporations is just as "open" as code by volunteers. The entire Linux kernel is under the GPL, not just the parts written by non-profits. If the code is in the Linux kernel then it is freely distributable and modifiable, regardless of if I wrote it myself or if IBM...
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    75% of Linux Code Written by Paid Developers

    I don't agree with this at all. I think that Linux fanatics would embrace this as proof that business and the open source model can co-exist. Remember, open source advocates mostly care if the code is free as in speech (i.e. available to all with no restrictions) as opposed to free as in beer...
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    Weird IE re-directs

    In a similar vein, a computer at work recently (as in 3 days ago) came down with some very tricky trojan that would cause random redirects from google searches. It also had a fun sasser-style forced reboot. The only program that could even detect it was MSE. Malwarebytes, Ad-aware, Super...
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    Google broke IE... need some assistance

    I'd definitely run a couple virus/malware scans. It may not be the toolbar like you think it is. Just a couple days ago, a coworker of mine got some crazy virus that did all sorts of dns redirects to chinese spam sites and stuff like that. It was very hard to find too. The only antivirus that...
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    75% of Linux Code Written by Paid Developers

    I don't see why this is surprising. When companies like Red Hat, Novell, IBM, and Oracle all have products that revolve around the linux kernel, don't you think they have an interest in its development? A huge amount of the great features of the linux kernel were developed because some company...
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    Crazy Idea: Does Apple make iTunes for windows slow on purpose?

    I find all the tinfoil hat conspiracies in here to be very amusing. Really, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that their program is better tailored and performs better for their own system. They're not malicious (at least not any more so than any other capitalist ventures), it's just that...
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    WHS wont shut off.

    check the bios for a Wake on PCI setting. I had that enabled by default in a bios once, and the computer would turn back on whenever there was any network traffic (which was pretty much all the time), and it definitely gave the illusion that the computer was restarting instead of shutting down.
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    Server 2k3 - ftp can't connect

    I had the IIS ftp server stopped, but apparently that doesn't actually unbind the service from the port. I guess I'll just uninstall it to simplify things; if I need a web server later I'll use apache. :cool: