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    Comparing Some WAPs for purchase, recommendation?

    I've got a UAP-AC-Pro and just picked up a US-8-60W switch for my structured media center rewire. So far the US-8 has been great, and eliminates the need for the power injector for the UAP. The US-8-60W is also managed by the Unifi Controller, so easy admin and updates.
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    Network camera question

    If you're using it for a baby monitor, you might want to pay attention to any delay due to encoding. I have a Unifi UVC and it had a good 30 sec. lag when viewing with the android app.
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    Ubnt wired PoE network cameras

    I haven't used them in a commercial setting, but I did order one (UVC) to play around with at home. I also haven't messed with their NVR software yet. The camera itself has pretty good quality (both build quality and video quality), though I don't have much to compare it with. One thing to...
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    Buying a new WIFI Router - Which One Should I Get?

    Get a router that has good routing/firewall capabilities, turn off the built-in wifi if it has it and add a couple of Unifi UAP's, the original style. At $70 bucks a pop, they can't be beat. And, if the new AC Unifi's turn out to be solid products, the new AC Pro uses the same mount as the...
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    Need router/modem with longer range - help appreciated

    Don't do this. Adding a Unifi AP will be equivalent in price and much more stable in performance. Standard UAP's are $70 on Amazon and include the power injector. This is the easiest way to do what you need.
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    Public Utility just installed a Smart Meter anyting to worry about?

    First, you know your buddy has to agree for the utility to have the capability, right? He probably gets a lower rate for allowing the utility to curtail his usage in times of high demand. Second, adding generation and transmission capacity increases the rate base, thus costing you more...
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    20-24u wallmount rack suggestions

    Middle Atlantic DWR is my wallmount rack of choice.
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    8 port switch that wont fry

    I've got Netgear FS and GS switches (metal cases) that are at least 5 years old and going strong. The OP's that was hot enough to fry eggs was either a defect or not ventilated properly. As other's have said, if it's that critical, spend the money and go with the enterprise level products. If...
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    Network pics thread

    I'm not TeeJay, but I do have that StarTech rack at home and have been very pleased with it. Mine looks like it might be a slightly older vintage though. Mine has square holes directly on the posts, not recessed like TeeJay's. Couldn't be happier with it, and pretty much anything else I've...
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    Which SFP Module for Fiber

    Welcome to the fiber jungle, we've got fun and games... Glad you got it sorted. I run into this confusion and poor documentation often with fiber in plants and electrical substations.
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    Which SFP Module for Fiber

    Mode conditioning patch cables are used for connecting single-mode optics (such as 1000LX) to a multi-mode fiber system. If your installed fiber (connected to the back of the patch panel) is multi-mode, you shouldn't have yellow (single-mode) patch cables connected to the front. Edit: Keep in...
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    Which SFP Module for Fiber

    First, it's 62.5um, not mm. That refers the the size of the fiber core, thus mm is an unreasonable dimension. 62.5um and 50um fiber are multi-mode. 1000BASE-LX uses single-mode fiber, thus not a match to your installed fiber. 1000BASE-SX is the standard for gigabit over multi-mode fiber and...
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    Network pics thread

    Looks like the shelf bracket (and possibly the shelf itself) above the electrical panel violates the NEC working clearance for that panel.
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    Lightning Strike Damage

    Probably the best you can do for residential protection is a whole home surge suppressor on your main panel. That would hopefully shunt the surge to ground before affects any of the other circuits. The other common thing you can do is check that your ground connection is solid, i.e. tight...
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    i want to upgrade to 10Gigabit home network

    This. OP - Do you have to storage system to support higher speeds, on both the Synology and your PC?