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    PSA: Windows 7 support ends tomorrow, Jan 14, 2020

    hmm, windows 7 upgrade advisor is not working, won't connect to MS server I am sure a few programs I have won't transfer over if I upgrade to 10
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    If you are on a fence if you should buy new RAM now or later...

    I barely have time to game anymore so the 8 gigs I have in my two systems will suffice just fine for many more moons The prices right now are stupid cheap if you do need new RAM
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    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

    mixed feelings on this 1st season. Casting could have been better, let's just say they had to be more diverse than the books sorry but fringilla is not black and triss is supposed to be a redhead Geralt was nailed, not sure anybody could pull off the look, figure, etc story was mixed, the...
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    18-year-old Morrowind mod project releases 60 new quests, massive new map

    Could not get into morrowwind but oblivion was awesome and skyrim even better
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    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    Been using Avast free for 10+ years on 5+ computers and not a single virus software updater is slick, scan tool is good I also run MWB along side which blocks bad coded websites/searches
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    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    Hmm, updated two 10 systems and no issues at all here
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    The Death of Overclocking is Nigh...(we knew it was coming)

    cpu's are so powerful now that you really do not need to tweak them like years past and I have not clocked a chip in about 10 years.
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    The C64 is a full-sized Commodore 64 reboot, coming December 2019

    Loved my C64 and how much fun you could have swapping games with friends with some blank floppies played bards tale III for about a year and was so powerful when I got to the end boss fight it was over in about 30 seconds.
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    Newegg to start charging sales tax to eight new states starting July 1st

    Received a recent email from newegg they will begin collecting tax for Idaho starting July 1 amazon already does so it's a wash NE will sometimes match amazon on certain items but you do not gain or lose now either way.
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    Micron Cuts DRAM and NAND Flash Output as ASP Falters

    If there is oversupply a company has all the rights to not produce more product that lowers cost and lowers their price ratio Show me any company that intentionally likes to loose money. Micron is just doing what is financially responsible until the market changes, nothing sinister about it.
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    Just a female driven story to make those all into diversity happy. Not to say it will be a bad movie, just the premise of this notion to milk the other side to make the audience satisfied.
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    Firefox Send Is a Free File Transfer Service Featuring Encryption

    Why not have both like I do, some browsers just work better with some sites so I have a choice,.
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    Um, they are not just going to kill random innocent people but bad people like terrorists. Typical Seattle liberal mindset.
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    Anybody playing Gwent homecoming?

    I can't get past the 4th battle in the tutorial which is just silly, it's impossible. With the cards they give you there is zero possibility to win thus you can't go forward. I have some ore, keg but there is no IU in which you can cash those in yet until you are in the main game to improve...
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    Microsoft Is Replacing Edge in Windows 10 with a Chromium-Based Web Browser

    Since FF blocks flash some sites like will not allow me to watch highlights, chrome has no problems with this. Maybe I need to dig into settings but for now a few things do not work in FF as they once did.