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    Humble VR Bundle

    Hey guys, saw this went up and immediately picked it up $1 or more Smashbox arena and cosmic trip More than average $14 currently Gorn!, Space trainer!, and Budget Cuts! 15 or more Superhot VR and Moss I have been wanting to get all of the mid...
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    cpu upgrade wait or buy

    A couple things to throw in, having been eyeing new systems for about a year at microcenter, if strictly for gaming any reason why not the 3600x or 9600k? The 3600x was the one I had really eyed up, especially since right now you get a free game as well, and if you ever need more, the 3950x is...
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    Looking for a new smartphone. Should I go iOS or Android this time?

    My general response is iphone 11, great everything(best camera), no headphone jack(but thats pretty normal now) and 600 new, also the processors in these are really fast. On android one thing to consider is the pixel 3a, not the fastest phone but has a headphone jack, google support, and really...
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    One thing I think, missed here was, Tigerdirect is dead... The tigerdirect that exists now has no real link to the old tigerdirect as far as I know. They liqudated everything shut down the site, than re-launched under new ownership same as compusa and circuit city(same company). Newegg on the...
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    8700 non-K or 9700K in a Notebook Chassis?

    I would definitely go with the 8700 for heat and such, but after looking at the price I would really recommend looking at a normal gaming laptop, you can get one with a full blown 1080 for under 2000 with an 8750h (hexacore with 4.1 turbo). While you mostly won't be able to upgrade componenets...
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    Looking for a i7/i9 + Thunderbolt 3 Laptop without a dedicated Graphics Card

    So I went down this path, with my p50, i7-6820, and a gtx1070 in sonnet egfx box and while it is cool, my new dell g3 with gtx 1060 is much faster and not that big. It also costs less than just the gpu and box. The egpu performance hit is decent on an external screen, and if you want to game on...