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    3090 extra 8pin power help (ghetto rig)

    This, plus you would want all 3 of those wires coming straight from the PSU, when in this case they're likely going to originate from a single wire, and PCI-E power wires are usually thicker than what you'd find going to a molex connector, to cope with the extra current that the device would be...
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    MicroCenter in St.Davids still has plenty of stock of AIB cards as of around noon today.
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    My point is that it's still the cheapest option, even if you have to get more than one.
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    RISC-V, the Linux of the chip world, is starting to produce technological breakthroughs

    Clock speed is largely irrelevant without taking IPC and architectural considerations into account, but I guess the marketing departments would have you think otherwise :).
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    I'm with TheSlySyl , for a few reasons. Getting to pick and choose what services you want is nice, they're not THAT expensive unto themselves. If you're any sort of avid content consumer, you can easily afford to have more than one. I'm not sure about you but I don't like watching commercials...
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    GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Review Roundup

    Going to be a solid card when it's actually available.
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    Nvidia's Plan for ARM to Take X86 's Throne | Exclusive

    I would say judging the merits of the tech on how well Microsoft can implement it is a pretty crappy measurement.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    That's fine, but that's at least a month out. Those guys have cards *now*.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Everyone that snapped up cheap 2080 Ti's during that brief fire sale time period made out like a bandit :)
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    Coronavirus : Folding@home takes the challenge, needs your help.

    I'm not here to debate what state the virus is in, but I'm happily folding away on the main rig and the media center.
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    EK has a new fan. It's fast, expensive, really thick and...

    I'm not sure who these are supposed to market to, most PC enthusiasts don't want to live in a server closet or datacenter. I used to use some similarly profiled Panaflo fans back in the day, and even at the lowest possible RPM they were somewhat obnoxious due to motor humming. Even if their PWM...
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    [H]OT AMD 3900X for $400 at MC, plus $20 mobo combo discount

    This is definitely the price/performance sweet spot. I love mine.
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    Micro Center 11/11 sale!

    Hah, misread that, sorry :p
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    Micro Center 11/11 sale!

    Which MC is still carrying 12+ year old parts?
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    Micro Center 11/11 sale!

    3900X is also brand new. They *usually* only discount old stock or high volume stuff that they expect to move a ton of anyway.