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    RTX 4080: Countdown To Second-Best™

    It seems there's been trend for a couple generations now where the price/performance of a new card matches the price performance of the outgoing gen's cards. So, not only are "tiers" getting more expensive, but so are the $/frame. In short, today's $400 video card isn't blowing the doors off a...
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    pcie 5.0 nic card not working in asus x670e-pro

    Try reseating the cpu
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    Can I run just one 32GB-3600 stick on X570 mobos?

    is it possible? yes Should you do it? research some benchmarks comparing Ryzen single channel vs dual channel memory performance and decide whether you accept the performance loss
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    5700XT longevity

    I sold my 5700XT a year ago for $675. Initially purchased in late 2019 for $420. Decent investment in my opinion
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Return the 8200 and get the Arris S33
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    Network silliness

    Are the network port LEDs on both the modem and your new motherboard lighting up when the cable's plugged in?
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    Network silliness

    What model arris modem? Try unplugging its power and plug it back in
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    Cable WAN - can see all local node client IP's? Is direct connection possible?

    Not the node, but what's called the bundle interface on the cmts.
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    Is there a pfSense equivalent that is based on linux?

    If not having a user interface doesn't bother then, try Vyos If you have any experience with Juniper or Ubiquiti Edgerouter CLI then you should pick it up quickly
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    Beware of EVGA GPU's selling for "good prices"

    Stolen? - Yes Sold for "Good Prices"? - Not likely
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    Can't connect HTTP to IP address - OS Issue

    any antivirus or security suite at play here?
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    Can't connect HTTP to IP address - OS Issue

    what browser? have you tried another? bring up a command prompt and "telnet IPADDR 80" (install telnet client if necessary). Does that connect to your end device? Replace port 80 with 443 if device is https enabled
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    Using Comcast 1Gbit service, quick question please

    that modem's LAG function is bound to give you more problems than it's worth. Upgrade to an Arris S33 and start making the migration to 2.5GbE
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    Sell the xfx 5700xt, or the 2070 super?

    Sold my 5700xt to a miner in a private sale. Good ROI, no ragrets
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    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

    Since we're confessing our GPU sins... I recently sold a 5700 XT to an admitted miner because they were a well-know purchaser and I was offered a good price.