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    Question on upgrades - been out of the loop

    Those speeds look really wonky. It is merely the speed of the cache memory itself. The actual NAND inside that 840 EVO cannot sustain more than about 300-ish MB/s even on a good system. And the CrystalDiskMark test size is too small: You really need a much larger test size in order to get...
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    Question on upgrades - been out of the loop

    Not only that, but I wouldn't drop any m.2 SSD (even a SATA one) into that system for that matter. Only a 2.5" SATA SSD should be used, if any at all, in that system. And then, of the four remaining SATA ports, the OP will not even see anywhere close to 500 MB/s on any of the remiaining ports if...
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    Question on upgrades - been out of the loop

    Not only do you not have enough PCI-E lanes for the extra m.2 adapter, but your two existing GPUs by themselves eat up all 16 of the available PCI-E lanes on the CPU. That forces the m.2 card to use the PCH's PCI-E lanes. And although the P67 PCH itself has eight PCI-E lanes, the total maximum...
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    Can anybody get me up to speed on the state of the CPU game right now?

    Thanks again. As it turned out, my occasional POST problems stem almost entirely from a faulty set of RAM. I replaced the RAM, and all is well again.
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    Cheapest AM 4 ?

    As the OP stated, no MC nearby. What's more, the X570 chipset does not support any of the Bulldozer-derivative APUs at all (all Excavator-based AM4 CPUs are actually APUs with their IGPs disabled during manufacture). So the Excavator core APU will not work at all with any X570 motherboard even...
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    Hold out for 10900k, grab 10700, or just go with a discounted 9900K?

    That is the exact problem with all of Intel's consumer platforms. All of the storage connections on Intel consumer platforms are to the PCH rather than directly to the CPU. Comet Lake CPUs still have only 20 total PCI-E lanes, four of which go to the PCH. That leaves only 16 PCI-E lanes, all of...
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    Computer for Video Editing for Brother

    Actually, with the increasing reliance of newer versions of NLE (video editing) programs on the GPU (while still requiring a decently powerful CPU), it is very important not to have a severe imbalance between the two. Otherwise, the underperformance component will choke off the performance of...
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    Samsung evo 970 write speeds low

    Sorry. I have not kept up with the mobile chipsets, especially since I never owned a laptop that's newer than Haswell. It boils down to the thermal performance itself. It is very likely that the low write speeds are due to the SSD running too hot. And once the m.2 PCI-E SSD reaches its maximum...
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    Samsung evo 970 write speeds low

    The problem is that Skylake mobile chipsets do not support the full PCI-E 3.0 x4 bandwidth on their m.2 sockets. Your laptop is one of those that cripple their m.2 sockets. Officially, your laptop's m.2 socket only supports PCI-E 2.0 x2 bandwidth at most on that m.2 socket. Thus, the sub-1000...
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    Why did YOU choose AMD for your processor?

    Actually, it is artificially high due to it being out of production and dwindling supply. The 9900KS, at current street price, is well over double the price of the 9900K.
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    Need to upgrade PC soon, go for 10600K or 10700k for gaming?

    Well, it depends on the specific CPU. Of the entire 10-series line, the only ones that are worthy enough are the 6-core/12-thread i5-10600K and the 10-core/20-thread i9-10900K, under some circumstances. The lower-level i5's might be crippled by a significantly lower maximum memory clock speed...
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    For AMD Cpus is it better to pair qith 2 or 4 sticks of ram?

    For AMD platforms, the rank configuration doesn't matter much. Intel platforms, on the other hand, strongly favor a configuration that has exactly two ranks of memory per channel over a configuration that has only one rank per channel. Two ranks per channel may consist of either one double-rank...
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    How can I install a graphics card into my system, and which to choose?

    In HP desktops, the integrated Intel graphics is automatically (and semi-permanently) disabled whenever a discrete GPU is installed, and there is absolutely no way at all whatsoever to force-enable the Intel iGPU. Therefore, it's either entirely through the Intel graphics or a discrete GPU, but...
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    How can I install a graphics card into my system, and which to choose?

    At least you got the GDDR5 version. As such, this will tide you over until you save up enough money for an entire new build, and relegate your current PC to media playback duty. I would not have put any more money than that particular upgrade for that office PC.
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    No excitement about intel's latest offering??

    Actually, a lot of things still rely heavily on the number of CPU cores, up to a point. For example, the GPU-accelerated encoding only applies to exports to H.264 and HEVC (H.265). All other encoding uses solely the CPU. What you stated does not mean that a dual-core or a quad-core CPU can run...