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    Android Update Fixes Two Critical Vulnerabilities

    took a long time but that is the reason I finally jumped ship after being an android user since the g1. Doubt Ill ever look back but if I do there is no doubt its going to be a nexus or nothing.
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    Microsoft Doesn’t Want Windows 10 Users To Switch To Chrome

    I don't understand this statement. When i change the defaults I do so knowingly and with a specific purpose. You honesty find it okay to be nagged about it regardless of the effort?
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    Prey For The Gods Reveal Trailer

    This but its good news its for pc
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    Microsoft Doesn’t Want Windows 10 Users To Switch To Chrome

    New title; Microsoft is looking for new ways for users to switch from windows 10.
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    Google's Inability To Force Software Updates Threatens Android

    Bloat and lack of updates are what kill android for me. Well, at least on anything non nexus which I would never spend money on. Samsung? Ha!
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    ASUS Reinvigorates PC Gaming At ROG Unleashed

    Yeah its just a watercooling setup. Still looks like it took a post Thanksgiving dinner dump in to a small diaper
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    iPhone 6s Chipgate: TSMC vs. Samsung

    Probably right but 2 extra hours seems insane. But you'd need two identical phones to compare, I cant test or judge that on these
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    5G Wireless Test: Faster Than Google Fiber

    That is nice but how is it going to be when there are actually countless people downloading pron at the same time?
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    Nice review guys and it looks like a great board. One thing though; I cannot believe they are still using that spot for the auxiliary power connector. Seriously, that is the absolute worst spot you could probably find. Price-wise the x-power has always been a little expensive but I think you...
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    iPhone 6s Chipgate: TSMC vs. Samsung

    People always find something to flip over about. We have a 6s (sammy) and a 6s plus (tsmc) in use and I have yet to notice any real difference between the two even if they really cant be directly compared due to obvious differences. Even that geekbench app shows them pretty much identical in...
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    Snowden: I'd Go To Jail To Come Back To The U.S.

    Bud no one can argue with that. There have been whistle blowers before and i hope there are more on some things but they were not retarded like this one. Like I said he did one part good and one part stupid by unloading endless docs with info like where and how we spy on terrorist groups. That...
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    Snowden: I'd Go To Jail To Come Back To The U.S.

    While I don't agree with killing him for his crimes i have no problem with his spending the rest of his days behind bars away from anything electronic. Blindly unloading nsa hard drives to untrustworthy hands he probably met online was quite stupid and included stuff far beyond the scope of home...
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    Transformers 5, 6, 7, And 8 Confirmed By Hasbro

    Michael Bay presents.....EXPLOSIONS!!! ...and some titties
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    20 Of The Worst PC Setups

    oh man back in the day I would run flexible duct from the wall ac outlet to my case intake and even run a water rad outside the house. Damn I was one bored mofo lol
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    Leaked Slides Reveal All About Nexus 6P

    Yup, only hurting yourself by putting one brand over another, especially when we're talking about a Nexus. What scares me about this one is the 810 they are using but we will have to wait and see if they have finally found a way to tame the beast