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    Sadly MPC-HC may have reached the end of its development

    I switched over to MPC-BE years ago; it's still actively developed and looks better than MPC-HC.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Passed 20 million and didn't notice. The folding goes on. EDIT: What happened to the badges and the site? I'm out of the loop.
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    A Fast USB drive that works with Tails OS?

    I've used it USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 usb drives (Transcend and Sandisk). Worked just fine. Make sure you use the Universal USB Installer. Format the drive as NTFS first, then use the Un. USB Installer to install TAILS. Mine runs just fine.
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    Firefox 34 - New Search Bar

    Stupid question time: Why are you all using the search box? I take that shit off the UI as soon as I install FF. Open new page, set search into AwesomeBar, and type what you want - it automatically google searches.
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    looing for a uTorrent alternative

    Another vote for qbittorrent. Tixati is nice, but is flagged on some private sites, so you may have trouble. qbittorrent has all the features, looks good, labeling works, and is lightweight. WIN.
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    Software for renaming a bunch of files?

    I use because I can use it as a portable installation and it is easy to customize the filenames (lots of parameters, even using REGEX).
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    Music organizer software suggestions

    If you need tagging, then MusicBrainz Picard. If you want a player that organizes, sorts, converts, deletes, etc, then I recommend MusicBee.
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    Which one you like: RAR, ZIP, 7z, TAR?

    I use 7-zip as my main extractor, as I find the dual-pane layout invaluable (does any other program do this?). However, I keep WinRAR around for archiving items which will be uploaded to a certain place which shall not be named.
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    Where have all the Ducky keyboards gone?

    I'm in Taiwan where ducky keyboards are made. Always in stock here. :D Typing on my Shine 3 now, actually. Great keyboard.
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    Need a music player with a certain feature

    Musicbee can do this. Great program. Absolutely free, updated often, looks great. I switched from Mediamonkey to Musicbee and haven't looked back since.
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    What is popular for password management?

    Been using keepass for years. I just sync it between my computers using Sugarsync. One very strong password + key file to open it up, after that, it's pretty easy to fill in username/password fields.
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    Why would any1 buy Adobe Acrobat Professional when Fox IT PDF do it for free?

    I work with PDFs quite often (peer-reviewed research), and I often need markup and, often more importantly, OCR. Adobe's Clearscan is - in my very limited experience - second to none. It really does a great job 95% of the time (the other 5% it ends up mangling the text, but this is only in cases...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Finally made 15,000,000. Will be reinstalling Windows soon. Not sure if I'll continue folding, move on to another project, or what.
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    Best Youtube downloader?

    Try the developer build.
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    Who's left crunching f@h?

    I'm still folding. About to hit 15 million in the next month or so (after almost 9 years). Never heard of any other things to do (BOINC, etc.) so I'm not sure why I'd want to. I just have F@H running in the background, doing my little bit for science.