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    Since when does ASUS got $$ for this?

    If you notice, the video was release during CES 2010. It was just for concept, but could potential be reality...And yes, Asus does have that kind of money for R&D.
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    Starcraft 2 Beta

    sc 2 is so sick. Still practicing with protoss. Havent fought that many zergs, but play plenty of terran and protoss. dt are just so awesome.
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    Starcraft 2 Beta

    I'm not sure why they dont announce when they will give out close beta keys?
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    PCI-E post diagnostic card

    Does anyone know of a company that makes pci-express post card? Unfortunately, we have a board that uses only pci-express. The board was working at one point.
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    Asus 4x Blu-Ray $59.99 @ Frys B&M

    That would be really retarded. Can anyone else confirm? Most BD reader could burn DVD/CD. Even though DVD/CD may be old, people are still going to burn them.
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    G.Skill vs. Corsair

    GSkills because it's relatively less expensive than the Corsair.
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    Best looking Case of 2009

    That level 10 case looks so wicked, but damn the price tag! So much praise for the 800D.
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    CES 2010 New Case Release Thread

    Lian-li makes great cases, too bad nothing to see this year.
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    great monitor. No more money for toys. I'll keep for 27" for awhile longer.
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    M-Audio AV-40 vs Swan D1080's Still can't decide =/

    ^ It may not be your source, but the price is the same.
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    [H]OT - AC Accelero XTREME 4870X2 - $50 shipped

    great price, too bad I sold the video card a few months back.
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    Sony BDUX10S Internal SATA Blu Ray Drive REFURB $69.99 shipped

    it's only 2x, while a LG drive is 6x for a few dollars more.
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    Asus x58 Revolution, 6GB G.Skill DDR3, $370 - warm?

    supermicro is more known in the server business. I wouldnt say that they build much better board than Asus.