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    WHS sys drive failing

    You could try using DD to a new drive or advance shipped warranty replacement using a Linux Live CD. An imaging program like Acronis TrueImage or Norton Ghost may also work. WHS should allow you to do a clean install to a new drive and add the data drives back in to the storage pool, although I...
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    Western Digital SSD

    For the most recent 10 years, they've been a relatively small player that would be killed by one mistake or bad product line. WD and Seagate are the only independent storage manufacturers left, all the other hard drive makers are part of large Asian conglomerates (Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba...
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    Western Digital SSD

    WD's probably targeting embedded and industrial systems with these drives, why else would they fool with PATA? There's a huge, high margin market for drives in systems that control machine tools, testing equipment, and the like. These are often very adverse environments with large amounts of...
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    Do any of these laptops have 1400x1050 LCDs, or are they all 1024x768?
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    I have the upgrade itch.....

    ECC != registered or buffered. Desktops and laptops use unbuffered non-ECC RAM You can get unbufferedRAM that has ECC RAM for Intel 3000 series chipset motherboards for only about a 15 to 20% premium over non-ECC unbuffered RAM. Intel's single socket server chipsets have used unbuffered...
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    Effect of Access Time in Gaming?

    What Seagate model numbers are you looking at? Should be ST3_____AS, where the blank is filled in by some numbers. I'm not 100% sure which models and geometry we're dealing with here.
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    What makes a good HDD for gaming?

    There's three roughly equally important components to single user hard drive performance Seek performance Linear transfer speed Buffer size / strategy Seek performance and linear transfer speed compete against each other. In order to increase seek performance, the drive makers have to...
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    What makes a good HDD for gaming?

    Hitachi Travelstar 7K320 should be on your short list. Hitachi's mobile drives are excellent, and thay have the most experience in 7200RPM laptop drives.
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    dC0m's WTB Thread

    PM sent.
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    wtb: cheap netbook or laptop

    Gateway Solo 3350 PIII 700, 256MB, 10GB, 12" 1024x768, Win 2000 Pro. $60 shipped. LMK.
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    Outta Space...What to Buy?

    Another vote for the Samsungs. The WD Green drives' throughput go in the crapper if you turn off write caching. The Samsungs do a better job IMO. I have a pair of 1TB EcoGreen F2s, and have been quite pleased with them.
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    Anyone looking for a DLSR???

    Nikon D series Digital SLRs are made of win. I have a D90 and D40 myself. Bump for Nikon kit.
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    FS: 939 X2 kit, uber A-XP kit, uber dual P3 kit, Thinkpad T41, HDDs, maybe more

    X2 3800 is gone, as is the board from the Athlon XP system. Sure did get a lot of offers on the X2 chip, thanks to everyone for their interest. Thread updated.
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    Best controller for 4 Intel X25-M SSDs?

    I have not been impressed with Southbridge built in RAID, even from Intel. I had a RAID-1 array on ICH9R that reported it needed verification, "fixed 60000 errors" - then trashed it all, had to run chkdsk to repair it. We had another RAID-1 array, on an nvidia 500 series southbridge, that had a...
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    WD Caviar Back 750gb 250 OR 333/platter, Fact or Fiction

    Indeed, the 750GB has five heads. One side of one of the platters is not used (and is likely defective) This is a substantial cost cutting measure for the makers of drives, as it allows them to use platters with a defect on one side that they would otherwise have to scrap out. AMD uses a similar...