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    More Robust Home Network

    I run Ubiquiti stuff: ERL-3, AP-AC-LR, AP-AC-Pro. You might be able to get away with 1 AP-AC-Lite and an AP-AC-LR. My APs are at opposite sides of my 2600sqft house. Way over kill since the AP-AC-LR (in the center of the house) covered it all before I added the AC-AP-Pro and rearranged to get...
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    Those of you with Ubiquiti - Are you as frustrated as I am?

    I have Ubiquiti equipment with little to no issues. ERL-3 - older model running latest 1.9.1 software with no issues. Typically have uptimes of months if I leave alone but I'm always messing with my network so... AP-AC-LR - runs great, excellent coverage, very reliable. Never reboots unless I...