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    Battlefield 2042

    It‘s called promotion. It’s also a tease to get people talking. Seems like it worked.
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    Battlefield 2042

    Likewise. Not impressed.
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    Microsoft broke Windows 11 injecting ads

    Ads have been a part of Microsoft programs for a few years. I get ads for Office365 in my standalone Office. Annoying, but on a scale of 1-10, a 2.
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    10980XE - equivalent to SoC Voltage? (Not stable with 128G)

    I have a 10980XE on an ASUS ROG Strix X-299-E Gaming II mobo and a watercooled EVGA 2080 GPU. I have the CPU cooled by a Corsair 110i cooler and cooling is not an issue. I can't even get the CPU to throttle with any of the AIDA64 stress test or even PRIME. I have the system set to use ASUS own...
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    How much RAM you got?

    128 Gb on my desktop machine and 40 AFB on my laptop (32Gb + 8 Gb fixed to the mobo)
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    I ran Cinebench on all CPUs I could

    i9 10940X.
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    i9-10900X or i9-9900K

    I have done exactly that, moving to a 2 TB NVME drive (Intel 660P) from a 1 TB SSD. I also installed a i9 10940X whis is OK but not a great overclocker.
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    Of course, O wise and powerful one.
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    Your point? It's in the wild now. Expect more reports soon.
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    Nope. Prices have dropped significantly.
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    First "review"
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    Asus has already brought out new bios's for their X299 motherboards for the 10th generation processors.
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    Intel Core i9 Cascade Lake-X thread

    The ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 had a new bios released last weekend (2002) which "Add support for Intel® Core™ X-Series 10000 Processor Family" . It also does not kill the Kaby Lake-X 7740X processer either. I have both with the new bios. Everything is just fine...