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    8 states to allow iphone and apple watch to be used as drivers license/state i.d.

    As long as the police can scan the code to confirm it's legit, I don't see a problem with this other than holding that data in your phone or in an account that could potentially be compromised. Sure, someone could compromise the state's systems that hold the data, but holding it in your phone...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I played on PS4 Pro (30FPS) and then PC (100FPS) and the PS5 patch makes it feel very snappy at 60FPS. Also, not sure if it's just the better PS5 hardware, but loading times seem to have significantly improved after the PS5 patch. My PS4 had an SSD, so it wasn't terrible, but loading was rough...
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    Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studios

    Hearing Adam Jensen's voice in the opening area just made me upset. It's like that guy needed to find other voice work because we're probably not going to see another Deus Ex game for a long time. 😭
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    Windows Update Error 0x800f0922 With Solution (Server 2019)

    Posting this here since my web search results weren't very helpful or I ended up with a different solution. I was receiving error 0x800f0922 when trying to install the 2021-08 KB5005030 update on Server 2019 (2021-08 .NET update also failed with same error), this is what I found in...
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    Official PS5 Thread

    Got the beta firmware and SSD setup, haven't played anything yet, but moving games from native storage to M.2 was pretty fast given their size. I have a decent gaming PC and I deal with enterprise-level storage on a regular basis so I think I have a good idea of what 'fast' is when it comes to...
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    Official PS5 Thread

    I registered 7/29 and received the email invite today. Still waiting for my SSD (Gigabyte GP-AG70S1TB) to arrive, but it should be here this weekend.
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    Resident Evil 8: Village

    I had stutter in the demo when dealing with the swarm/sister, I took a detour to cleanup some of my game backlog so I'm not yet that far in the full game. RTX 3090 + i7-9700K
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    Borderlands 3

    I turned on the Cartel event and now I have to re-find the coordinates. Is it doing this for everyone else or is this possibly because I initially played it with a friend that unlocked the mission during the initial event?
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    Windows 11 reveal coming June 24th

    I'm aware of the auto HDR they're adding for games, that sounds nice, I just hope it auto-HDRs the Windows UI!
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    Windows 11 reveal coming June 24th

    Anyone know if they've fixed how the GUI looks when HDR is enabled? As of Windows 10, the UI looks washed-out or bland if you leave HDR enabled, so I disable HDR until I play a game that needs it enabled in Windows 10 before launching.
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    Windows 11 reveal coming June 24th

    I had to enable Intel PTT in the UEFI to get the compatibility pass. TPM is enabled also, but I don't have a module installed.
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    Dead Space remake

    Needs to go back to being a slower-paced scary game instead of Streets of Rage in space. DS3 was good, but too much action.
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    Resident Evil 8: Village

    You sure you have fullscreen set and not any windowed mode? Might try toggling to windowed and back to fullscreen if you are already fullscreen.
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    Days Gone

    I played up to Copelands camp and, while cut scenes seem to have some odd pacing/hitching issues, gameplay is 100% smooth. I have everything cranked (i7-9700K + RTX 3090) @ 1440p and I've set the refresh rate to 120Hz. Haven't had any control issues, but I'm also using a PS4 gamepad. The native...
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    Days Gone

    If I remember correctly, you can loot better weapons from enemies, but there's not a huge variety. Pretty sure I looted a nice melee weapon before I was able to craft it and then you keep loot scrap from vehicles so you can maintain your melee weapon.