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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    I picked up the Gigabyte one mostly for the 10Gb nic and no fan. I don’t upgrade too often so I’m not too worried about the price. Still waiting on my water block and 3900X to go with it.
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    Will be going 3900X and giving my friend my 6700K. Also going to try hard tubing so that should be fun.
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    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    I really liked both those series. The punisher has some good action scenes.
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    The Division 2 Will Get an Open Beta

    I enjoyed it plus it’s the first game I’ve seen that had a Freesync 2 HDR option. Only bug I had was falling through some stairs and getting stuck.
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    Google Fiber Ends Service in Louisville

    PGE, PP&L and Century Link own most of the poles in Portland, not the city.
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    Google Fiber Ends Service in Louisville

    As someone who works on fiber all the time, that looks like a complete pain in the ass to fix. Where the hell are you supposed to put the splice cases?
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    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    Earth Defense Force is like that. Really fun with friends too once you have the nukes.
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    I’m kinda glad Pantera concerts did some hearing damage, I really can’t tell the difference between BT or wired headphones.
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    Netflix Takes Interactive Storytelling to the Next Level with "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

    I thought it was a well written episode, watched quite a few of the endings. The credits with one of the endings was very clever.
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    EA Stock Plummets by $21 Billion as Battlefield V Sales Disappoint

    Couldn’t happen to a better company
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    Funny, the company I work for lost about %10 value during the slump, it sure as hell didn’t lose half it’s value.
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    Don’t Buy a 5G Smartphone, at Least, Not for a While

    5G not working in rain is going to be great here in Oregon