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    Apple’s iMac Pro Arrives December 14, Starting at $4,999

    This must be where all the cost discrepancy is stemming from.
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    HardOCP and HardForum on Patreon

    For those that don't patreon, is there a paypal address we can send gift donations to?
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    Top-Selling Handgun Safe Can Be Remotely Opened in Seconds without PIN

    Interesting video, thank you for sharing. In regards to the gun thing..the safes exist to keep the kids out until they are old enough / well trained enough to have access to them. It's a choice to train in defending what you own or hold dear. If you don't want that responsibility, politely...
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    PCMag: Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac

    Sounds like bullshit as the mac is still a source of revenue and status generating solution.
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    Millions of Pornhub Users Targeted in Malvertising Attack

    Literally came into this thread to say this. Vm gets gets compromised... Restore from an earlier clone.
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    Complete List of YouTube MP3 Ripping Sites Courtesy of the RIAA

    1st rule of youtube-dl is to not talk about youtube-dl. Python is fun.
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    2017’s Top 10 Programming Languages: Python Ranks No. 1

    Without knowing from where the data was gleaned it's hard to say with any accuracy that python is truly on top. Where I work in the backend/REST world python (3.+) has a place for producing testable production code quickly (as well as node.js). You have to have developers that can effectively...
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    Disney Will Never Alter or Restore Original Star Wars Trilogy

    Why am I the first to ask who shot first? Will this be accounted for if they do re-release?
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    Bad News for Microsoft: Windows 10 Loses Market Share Again

    Dude is probabny using a Dvorak key layout where the "v" is next to the "w". I'm going through the same growing pains.
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    Steam sale is live

    I may pick up one of the steam links for shiggles. Cheaper than a pi3 without the controller
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    New Battery Charges In Seconds And Lasts For Days

    Ohm my God, stop with the puns
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    A PC Gamer's Worst Nightmare

    Solid chuckle had.
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    Cyber Thieves Stealing Truckloads Of Nuts

    I used to work in the trucking industry and this is, unfortunately, fairly common. If it's brokered freight there is no telling the lack of security features in regards to load tendering (pick up tickets etc).
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    Government Is Worse Than All Major Industries On Cyber Security

    I have framed my OPM notice letter and hung it on the wall as a reminder.