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    Advice on new rouer for 1 Gbps service

    You most likely want to have a look at an ARM-based solution, anything using IPQ SoCs should do fine for instance.
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    Building a (low cost) Linux-based ZFS High-Availability Clustered NAS

    Many hardware vendors supports FreeBSD, I don't think anyone running ZFS would advice you to use Linux but oh well... There's a recent presentation about how uses FreeBSD and their infrastructure and why they choose that OS. BSDCan2016: FreeBSD based high density filers Napp-it is also...
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    Building a (low cost) Linux-based ZFS High-Availability Clustered NAS

    You probably want Solaris and/or FreeBSD for this but oh well ;-)
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    Need an advice

    I'd avoid the Evo at all costs but oh well ;-)
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    Asus RT-ac66u 100% cpu, no clients

    Do a factory reset?
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    Need an advice

    Marvell controller, preferably MLC instead of TLC memory. Proven and reliable combination. Crucial MX200, Plextor SSDs also comes to mind if you're on a budget.
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    Should I get a Drobo or Synology?

    At least in .eu they have quite a bit more powerful hardware at the same price as Asustor. Keep in mind that if you're going to mix HDDs sizes you can pretty much forget about redundancy in a sane manner at least.
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    Should I get a Drobo or Synology?

    I'd say that you should also checkout Asustor, avoid the J-series by Synology and drop Drobo.
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    Configuring the main router to use the VPN service

    Juniper had a really good tutorial but it got closed down :-/ //Danne
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Not really unless you want faster wifi.
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    Differences between SIL3114 vs. SIL3124 -- can the latter run 4TB drives?

    Well, I do know that the SiL3114 are plauged with data corruption even on smaller HDDs if you use more than one channel at a time (that's a very nice design bug) . The SiL3124s aren't much better, also... it's going to be really slow and PCI isn't going to help. I'm recommending PCIe because no...
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    30+TB of data in NTFS, yet NAS only supports Btrfs/EXT4...

    It's hackable but it's not a good idea in the long run.... Asustor (better bang for the but than Synology and QNAP in most cases) supports NTFS out of the box from what Google tells but I would recommend you switching to a native filesystem. FreeNAS has the same "issue".
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    Current sweet spot for 1TB SATA?

    MX300 is probably the best one in the long run, Marvell controller and Micron flash.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Slower than the Fitlets (they are slightly more expensive) however you'll be more than fine with a MIPS or ARM box which most likely will perform better. Not to forget, warranty is a concern if you order overseas.