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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    G602 on a G440 mouse mat is a wonderful thing.
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    Well deserved I think. It's a beauty of a phone. Just a bit too small for me personally.
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    Titanfall LULZ

    Doesn't bother me really. I only like having a couple games max on my hard drive at a time. Plenty of space for this. I feel bad for people who have internet caps though. This will surely hurt. Is there going to be a physical copy?
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    You'll find useful things to do with the thumb buttons. I have the usual forward and back buttons, but also close and open new tabs, and show desktop and metro. Makes browsing the web and using windows that much better.
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    Not sure if the Galaxy S4 Zoom would favor my argument or yours, however I'll throw it out there for discussion.
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    I use to have the G700 and I found that by taking the battery out and using it in wired mode made the mouse quite light. It was whole different experience after that. Granted I used a much thinner more pliable usb cable then the one that was supplied.
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    Well said. I'm sure most major cell phone manufacturers have invested millions in figuring out exactly what people value most in their phones. Better more expensive camera components just aren't one of them. The Nokia 1020 is a prime example of this.
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    G602 is my mouse of choice. I don't notice any latency on my end. It feels just as responsive as the wired corsair I had before it. Also I think Logitech has the best software in the biz. It's extremely comfortable in my hand and I love the way all the buttons are laid out. Definitely worth...
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    Need a new MMORPG

    I had a good time with SWTOR
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    Oh that's good news. I can be very happy with that in terms of general gaming and movies. 96hz would be preferable, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    I would love to upgrade but I hate that I'll love my current save. I'm curious to see how big an improvement the graphics tweaks are.
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    I use smart stabilization with mine. Never tried beauty mode though? Is that supposed to help with low light?
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    I can't tell you how many times I've been at a restaurant or out at night with friends and my HTC One was the only phone able to take decent photos. Everyone would look at the low light photos it takes and ask, "Why doesn't my phone do that"? I've since switched to a Note 3, and while I love...
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    The original Legend of Zelda in first person

    I can almost feel the headache now
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    Looking for new mouse. Have Mamba Currently

    Not sure what a mamba feels like as I've never held one, but.... I'm currently doing a mini shootout for myself. I bought a Corsair M95, Logitech G602 and G700, because I too love mouse buttons. Corsair build quality is fantastic, and the aluminum looks so sexy. Shape and button layout just...