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    Mesh router suggestion?

    I'm currently using the original Google mesh wifi but I was wondering if there was any better mesh wifi router that also has extra eathernet ports not a must becouse I have a hub but would be nice
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    Rec for broadcast software.

    Try obs studio it's free and there is lots of guides on how to use it and yes it can be set it and forget it once u have it all set up it works well if you are live streaming to YouTube, twitch, mixer, Facebook or a custom stream
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    Anyone still use VLC for blu-ray playback?

    But if your looking at something that great for playing physical media and stuff stored on pc try You can sometimes find it being given away for free I did few years ago
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    Anyone still use VLC for blu-ray playback?

    I use it for Blu-ray playback when it works otherwise I use powerdvd
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    The state of VR - Lost it's steam?

    In my opinion vr is just now getting real traction with the occlus go and now the quest. with veteran vr game and app developers really finding how best to utilize vr we haven't even seen the peek of what vr can do. I think standalone vr is the future But I do think in the future we will...
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    Recommend TV tuner card? Or this
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    For receiver I would look at one of these two Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with MusicCast by - Denon AVR-S740H Receiver, 7.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD for Unmatched Realism, 3D Video, Dolby Surround...
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    Any HTC VIVE charging and headsets mount available

    I have two questions I have a htc vive and am wondering if there is any good mount or stand for it eather 3d printed or one i buy and is there any good vive controller charging dock 3d printed or one i buy And is there anyplace online I can still buy a Oculus Rift new because most are sold out
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    Looking New gaming chair suggestions

    Hi guys I have this chair but I'm looking for a new one i kinda looking towards one like dxracer but want one that is good quality and won't break my bank
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    Bluray software

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    Google wifi opinion good or not?

    I don't mind setting up my network and also I have a neighbor who has been trying to use my wifi so banned Mac address to get them to stop
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    Google wifi opinion good or not?

    3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a garage
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    Google wifi opinion good or not?

    I forgot to say that house I'm looking to use them in is a one story small house and I have a asus router now i like haveing the options to configure it but it's not a must if it means I can have better wifi not have to worry about it
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    Reliable Driver Update software/general software updater?

    I love this software so much I can say it's great and no spyware with or asking for money