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    FirePower Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Already exists
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    Satya Nadella Admits Microsoft’s Phone Share Is Unsustainable

    Great! If the device I use isn't important, than there's one less reason to get a windows phone! Great argument there MS!
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver for Grand Theft Auto V

    Seeing a way to get the preorder for $30 was a change of mind.
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    Where the SSD Market is Headed in 2015 @ [H]

    Thanks! I meant more testing to see if the motherboard booted with nvme kinda thing, but hopefully your answer means that will be looked at too in future motherboard reviews once consumer drives are released?
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    Where the SSD Market is Headed in 2015 @ [H]

    Great article! Very informative. I'm disappointed I didn't see any nvme testing for boot etc in the latest mobo review posted after this article, the GIGABYTE Z97X Gaming 7 LGA 1150 Motherboard. Will this be checked going forward?
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    How Does My Power Supply Impact Overclocking? @ [H]

    It would be fun to see over clocking results with the most out of spec PSU you've tested, then results with a great PSU.
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    Far Cry 4 Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    Re: Editor's GTA V comment on final page of this article: Thing is, basically every GTA game on PC is like that since they started releasing for consoles first. I feel like it's more about milking consoles for sales than fixing the bugs in the game for PC. Hey, it's a business and they are...
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    Postal Service Discloses Major Data Theft

    You forgot the 3 million customer accounts compromised.
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    Reddit Is Getting Into Crowdfunding

    The big features advertised are zero risk for project creators, and total anonymity. Yeah, those sure are things that give me confidence in it! NOT! Also, most of the projects are t-shirts.
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    YouTube Now Supports 60 FPS

    But wait, I thought 30 FPS was supposed to be enough for anyone :) j/k
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    Watchdog: Apple Not Doing Enough About In-App Purchases

    That $32 mil in returned payments, that's like what a few hours of profit from itunes for them?
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    AOL Urges Password Change

    Nowadays you can have an aol email account without being a member. There's also still people using Aim or ICQ. They are probably counting all the above. Most of those millions probably aren't paying them anything.
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    Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1300W PSU Review @ [H]

    Awesome review! I imagine a donation of a couple of these to [H] would have a potential to add it to the queue :)
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    Corsair RM750 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    quote from corsair, emphasis added. So, how the HECK can they say that? Are they guaranteeing that a an abrupt power loss won't screw something on the computer up? Won't cause a hardware failure? Won't cause a software failure? Won't cause a raid failure? Won't cause a windows problem...
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    AMD Radeon R9 and R7 Series Re-branding Introduction @ [H]

    I wonder if mantle will always require an AMD card, or if nvidia will make some sorta compatible setup.