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    Oculus Quest 2

    So glad I just read this thread. Ordered 2, one for my older son who's been eyeing one for awhile and one for my youngest's birthday coming up in August. Saved me $200 and if this was reddit and I felt like wasting money on fake currency, I'd give you a gold award for the heads up. Buy em up...
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    Nissan source code leaked online after Git repo misconfiguration

    Our Armada has been awesome granted it's still made in Japan and has an actual 7-speed transmission and not the CVT. All of their problems are the models with the CVTs in them.
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    Apple announces over the ear headphones called the Apple AirPods Max...Price? $549 My first [H] News post so be nice guys! Apple is out of their mind yet people will probably pay it I'm sure.
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    NES ($50) and SNES ($70) Classic, refurbished direct from Nintendo

    I have a PS One Classic bleemsync'd, SNES Classic, a Retropie Box, an original SNES system, an original NES, an original Sega Master System and Genesis with CD, and of course an emulator on my computer that does all of these. Guess which one I use for the vast majority of my classic gaming? yep
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    The Fry's in Irving TX has been a ghost town the last few times I went by there as well. Empty shelves, cafe closed, and it seemed it was being run on a skeleton staff. The parking lot was empty too. It's really sad because Fry's was never the cheapest, but they had everything and I mean...
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    Disney Reveals Price, Release Date, and Content Plans for Disney+ Streaming Service

    Wonder if they're going to make available, all of their older stuff. I'm talking the old Herbie moves, Apple Dumpling Gang, Computer that Wore His Tennis Shoes, etc.
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    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    So I can have better streaming channels for $50/month only to blow through my home internet datacap and pay extra on the data consumption. Got it!
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    LG Embarrasses with OLED Burn-In at SID Tradeshow

    You can pry my Pioneer Kuro 60" plasma from my cold, dead hands. Or, if it decides to crap the bed beforehand :D.
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    Net Neutrality Is Really, Officially Dead on Monday

    What an oxymoron. What you're implying is the government provides the freedom.
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    Net Neutrality Is Really, Officially Dead on Monday

    Sorry charlie, I don't trust any government with the term "neutrality". Stop with the sky is falling crap, what did you do before 2015?
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    Net Neutrality Is Really, Officially Dead on Monday

    We're all gonna die!!!! /s
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    LG 55" OLED TV $999 (Refurb) on Woot

    Here ya go. Only $88 more and I can actually vouch for the seller as I bought a plasma a few years back from them and had it shipped to Oklahoma from NY.
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    Pandora Made $80M in U.S. App store Revenue in Q3

    Love Pandora. Been using it for a few years and it's never disappointed me on the selections it plays based on my preferences.
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    Google Pixel 2 XL Launch Event - Live Stream Press Conference

    Grrrrrr, no headphone jack. What is up with this sudden rush to get rid of it? I know they give you a free dongle, but you can't be expected to carry that everywhere you go. BT headphones suck so the only good way to get good sound is with regular cans.
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    Why so excited for the iPhone X ? It's the same old thing running boring iOS

    Come on guys, WP is where it's at. :D. Seriously though, MS had a good thing going with WP 7 and then 8 but managed like they always do, to screw it up.