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    no Utube sound

    Sorry I short cut the name, shows videos that have been posted by others.
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    no Utube sound

    I help an elderly friend with her computer and I’ve hit a problem that stumps me. She is running Windows 10 (latest updates etc.) and uses Firefox (latest version and have disable addons). She likes and has used Utube for various art info for years. Suddenly no sound on Utube. Her sound...
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    Gearing Up for Threadripper 2990X Cooling

    Kyle, What does "built correctly" mean in your comment? The geo is correct and they don't need to change it? I doubt that is the case unless AMD has shuck their imprint to fit the current footprints. I would assume you must mean something else. Once they understand the footprint concept...
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    Intel Rumors - Kaby Lake-X - Skylake-X and Cascade Lake

    So appears bottom line is that Intel got caught with their pants down and is hopping around trying to get them up while they address the problem. I assume the manager in charge with their strategy got a HUGE bonus.
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    Pay to Opt-Out of Data Sharing Says Facebook

    If I pay to opt out do they recover my info from all the folks they sold it to?
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    Spielberg: Movies Released by Streaming Services Don’t Deserve an Oscar

    Who cares? I've given up on ever attending another movie. Why should I pay ~10$ to this bunch of clowns to support them. They don't care nor will I. Hollywood has made it choice with most of these clueless beautiful people and so have I!!!
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    Zuckerberg Breaks Silence On Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    Anyone that believes Facebook (Zuckerberg) is sorry hold up your computer. I long ago dissed them and the vast majority of silicon valley. It is about the $s they make, nothing else. A number of folks have said how they and much of the social media would remove the ability of youth to think...
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    HomeGroup not working and can't access other computers

    Have turned off all AV and Firewalls to ensure they aren't a problem. Unfortunately they are not the problem.
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    HomeGroup not working and can't access other computers

    No, HomeGroup has been present but will be removed in the next release.
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    HomeGroup not working and can't access other computers

    Yes the machines have private selected.
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    HomeGroup not working and can't access other computers

    I can't access any of the computers on my home network. I've tried a number of things suggested across the internet but nothing up to this point has worked. I realize that HomeGroup so forget that so I'm not using that. I have defined new working group and have done that a couple times...
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    Microsoft Is Retiring the Windows Homegroup

    Just rebuilt 3 machines and they've updated. I've been trying to figure out why homegroup wouldn't connect. Guess this info was out there somewhere and I missed. Thanks for the post rgMekanic!
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    Facebook to Let Users Rank Credibility of News

    Who makes these mindless/stupid decisions?
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    Apple CEO Tim Cook Won't Let His Nephew On Social Media

    Completely agree with him. When I teach courses, college or grad school, I never allow computers, even calculators, in the class. They seem to think the answer is in that dumb device. The numerical answer is of little value in that situation, it is how you go about getting it that counts.
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    GM Plans to Launch Autonomous Car Without Steering Wheel or Pedals Next Year

    Two autonomous cars crash, which one's insurance pays? Or an autonomous car crashes into a human driven car and kills the driver, what then? Lawyers are going to have fun with this one.......big pay check?