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    TikTok Settles with FTC for $5.7 Million After Violating Child Protection Laws

    Sweet. Nothing wrong with a little government extortion. I'd sure be curious who is getting what kind of cut of that money.
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    My credit card was comprimised on Steam

    Right. Nothing like blaming the victim in a credit card theft. Good lord.
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    CVAA Regulations Affecting Multiplayer Chat Just Went Into Effect

    That's your opinion. It is NOT a self evident truth. Congress has passed laws requiring that concessions be made to allow equal access for the disabled. The very fact that this is required via legislation is all the proof you need to know that it is NOT the "governments job" to provide this...
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    Star Control: Origins Has Been Removed from Stores Due to DMCA Take Down Notice

    I can only assume you are high as a kite right now. It would be a "absolute shame" ??? Give me a break. It wouldn't be worth a passing "meh". You do understand, I hope, that the entire reason for copywrite laws extending as long as they have is specifically to prevent legally sanctioned...
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    GOG Connect. Giving you the DRM-free versions of Steam games

    I just wish they would "connect" every game so I could see at a glance if I already own a game on steam. If they can "connect" games this way, my way seems like it would be simple.
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    US Senators Are Working to Secure Enough Votes to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules

    They are aware, right, that to really implement a useful regulatory scheme to combat the problems they imagine they could, you know PASS LEGISLATION TO THAT EFFECT ? Apparently not.
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    Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

    Oh, is that right ? How much "toxic waste" do you think the typical nuclear power plant discharges ? Another hint for the clueless: For most plants - ZERO. And when they do discharge water, the actual radioactive content of that water, sampled BEFORE dilution, is lower than the standard for...
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    Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

    Anyone have an idea how many gallons of water are in Lake Michigan ? Care to guess how many days it would take for them to turnover the entire lake ? Try 1.3 E 15 gallons and 500,000 years. Idiocy on display, as usual, from "environmentalists"
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    Comcast Cord Cutters Shunned...AGAIN

    What do you mean "come to this" ? All the services have been offering bundled discounts forever. This is not new. REPEAT, THIS IS NOT NEW. Ironic you mention HBO and Showtime. Are you aware that you likely pay less if you subscribe to BOTH ? That's called a bundled discount. Again, NOT NEW.
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    Cambridge Analytica is Shutting Down

    No, they aren't. Hell, they aren't even the first entity to do this EXACT thing. You see, it's only viewed negatively when Donald Trump does it. When Barrack Obama does it, Facebook give's a wink and a nod and looks the other way. Cambridge Analytica was not the first, they were just on the...
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    Bill Gates: Cryptocurrencies Have “Caused Deaths in a Fairly Direct Way”

    Right... right. Have you heard of shareholder meetings ? Now, granted, if you own 10 shares of Microsoft, I doubt they give a hoot what you say. But if you own, say $13 billion worth of stock in that company, second most in the company, pretty sure they care what you have to say.
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    Seriously ? We're discussing MASS SHOOTINGs like Parkland and Sandy Hook. If we're just talking about "shootings", now, I'd say there's a lot more to do in the cities of Chicago and Baltimore than there are in schools. Keep moving those goalposts!
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    No, you're right. I definitely get $50K worth of value out of my taxes every year. DUH. There are net takers and net makers. I bet the overwhelming majority of people posting here are not net takers.
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    Yes, actually. Good to put a name with someone repeating absolute falsehoods. In these 18 shootings, there are actually TWO that you could consider "mass shootings", IIRC. In the other 16, five people, total died, most from suicide. Some of them didn't even happen at a school.
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    Yeah, great! We should definitely have passed a 1000 page bill re-ordering 1/6 of the US economy under better gov't control, then, huh? Fucking brilliant. Fact of the matter is, they could have achieved a FAR better result with ONE PAGE, expanding Medicaid. End of story. But they never...