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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    Ouch that bad huh? Well guess I can save my pennies for BF3.
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    Cubitek Mini Tank

    Will this be available here in the States?
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    External Sound Card For Notebook PC

    Count me in on this one too, I just bought a Toshiba notebook that has a Realtek Audio driver and I do not like it all. Recommendations would be very welcome.
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    Facebook Is Like Jail

    Seriously my soon to be ex-wife used to spend 7 hours a day on freaking Farmville alone, this is why I don't waste my time with this stuff.:rolleyes:
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    Mac Pro ATX Conversion

    Nice job!
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    I have a problem with a WD external HD

    Ok so I tried Gparted and no dice I couldn't get it to read anything more than about 500gbs, here's the model number wd10000h1u-00. I'm not sure if there are any programs or not that will allow you to format the drive form the boot menu.
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    I have a problem with a WD external HD

    I will try that thanks.
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    I have a problem with a WD external HD

    Ok so my friend bought a WD MyBook Essential HD a few years ago and apparently formatted it incorrectly. I guess she used NTFS instead of FAT 32, the advertised size on the box said 1tb, instead it formatted somehow to 596gb, now usually the formatted size on a 1tb is something like 945gb or...
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    Theory | By Hannes ~ A Lian Li PC-8NB Sculpture

    Keep it up looking good!
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    Lancool joins bling bling bandwagon (Knight Series)

    You took the words right out of my mouth! such ugly ass cases!
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    Coolermaster 690 II Advance concerns

    I honestly don't think you'll have a problem op good luck and let us know what you decide to go with.
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    Coolermaster 690 II Advance concerns

    Here's my two cents if you care to hear. I had the case in an apartment at first and had no problems at all with ESD as in none whatsoever. Now here are the details that matter, the carpet was really short, we had an air purifier that ran almost 24/7 thereby reducing the amount of dust in the...
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    Miner Wars 2081

    The interior asteroid shots remind of Descent a little, mixed with a little Freespace action too. Looks pretty cool!
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    Bulletstorm, anyone interested?

    This right here, it actually looks pretty enjoyable but not if it's 60 dollars.
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    A Picture I Took - 2011

    If you got anymore of the kitty I'd love to see them.:)