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    where do you buy the tape that stick thermal sensor to chips?

    It can be both but probably China. Will not make a difference.
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    where do you buy the tape that stick thermal sensor to chips?

    Like everyone said kapton tape is what to use. One of its back in the day purpose was masking for solder reflow. So will take temperature. The silicone adhesive may not seem to be "sticky" but its designed like that and will work. Just need to clean substrate as said above
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    Silicone goo on a secondhand motherboard - big deal, or no?

    I've seen it used to stake/hold components in place for vibration applications.
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    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut

    Thanks for the heads up
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    Stress testing QNAP NAS

    I hear you. I have a synology waiting to die
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    Need help - weird hardware problem with HBA's and RAM

    I forgot about the smbus thing. Thanks for reminding me
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    How to remove thermal epoxy?

    Most non grease TIM between the heatsink and chip is Phase change material. Its wax and will soften with heat. It does "bond" very well.
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    Anyone Else Invited to Volunteer for ISP Speed Testing?

    Verizon also asked me and i ignored it
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    Monthly Subscriptions for Windows 10?

    I think its just a matter of time before they go subscription. Will suck
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    WD 8TB Easystores are 150$ again

    As long as you have the right hardware it doesnt matter whether they're red or white drives. I'll take either
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    Samsung to flood the market

    I do hope they bring out some large and cheap ssds.
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    Comcast and Netflix Formally Consummate Marriage

    Comcast is a shitbag isp
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    Finally completed my dual E5 2670 v3 watercooled build, how is it?

    Looks pretty sweet man. Thanks for the picts
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    place to buy SPOOL of CAT5e

    Take a look at monoprice. They have some 1000ft spools