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    OpenVPN on pfsense server

    We run OpenVPN on pfsense all over. It comes with it, and works very well.
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    pfsense vs ????

    That's a 1Gb switch. This is a 10Gb switch:
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    Non-standard Cat6 RJ45 ends.

    We use the same style of connectors and have for over a decade. We use the platinum tools EZ-RJ brand of connectors and crimpers though. Every one of my techs has one of the tools, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is much easier to teach a new tech how to crimp a quality end...
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    Ubiquiti UAP-AC-IW Experiences?

    They work well to cover a couple rooms. Depending on the layout of your house, 2 could cover 2500sq ft. They definitely do not have the same sized antennas as the uap-ac-pro, but they work half decent. I have one on the main floor at the front of my house, and one in the basement at the back of...
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    Pursuit Ergonomic Chair Unboxing and Build @ [H]

    Nice. I'm curious to find out how a taller guy fits in this chair. I'm only 6'4, but finding a comfortable office chair at a half decent price is proving difficult. I really want a decent headrest, as I suffer from neckpain after a day in the office, but I'm lucky if most headrest hit my neck...
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    Need wireless to reach 300ft.

    As somebody that operates a network of thousands of Ubiquiti devices, I'd have to say you had some unfortunate luck. Was this very early versions of the unifi hardware/software? We regularly hear from customers about how great our product performs. I don't work for, nor am I affiliated with...
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    Did my Dell 2724 die? What to replace it with?

    Unplug everything except your router and a single pc. Does it work now? If so, plug in one cable at a time, waiting 30 seconds in between until it stops working again. If not, it's probably dead.
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    pfSense Box?

    We use supermicro c2758 and d1540 systems. The 2758s are relatively cheap.
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    Redirect Local address

    You could add an entry to your DNS server if your router supports doing so. Its been a long time since I've touched a residential router, so I'm not sure if many do anymore.
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    Broken Network Port

    If it's a wall outlet, or a modular patch panel, replace the connector. If it's a fixed patch panel, move the cable to another port.
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    Fixed Wireless/Microwave ISP performance?

    I didn't feel the need to put up a point to point link for myself. I've got a decent connection as it is, and there is redundancy from my tower to our core. If there are serious issues, I can always VPN back to my office via a cellular connection. I am the one responsible for keeping things...
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    Fixed Wireless/Microwave ISP performance?

    I am a partner & manager in a WISP up here inn the great white north. Your results will vary greatly. Some companies are going to be terrible, and some are going to be great. I use our service at home, on the same access points as any other customer. I'm 4 hops out from our core, and enjoy...
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    Xeon D-1518 vs Atom C2758 for home router application

    We use both variants at work. They both run pfsense quite well within a vm. Performance in the atom is plenty for home use unless you're running some ridiculous amount of vpn traffic through it. The xeon version we use as a gateway/traffic shaper for large segments of our isp network.
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    typical ubiquiti supply shenanigans...

    How many units are you looking for? I have some, but we have decided to go another route.
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    Poe injector

    Where are you located. I have boxes of them. Could ship you five for the cost of shipping.