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    Adapter/bracket for Antec KUHLER H2O 920 AIO to 1070ti?

    I've upgraded and have a spare Kuhler 920 AIO and a triple fan 1070ti and I'm interested in testing the AIO cooler for luls. Is there a bracket available to mount this? I think they changed something about the 920 during its lifetime and I don't know which revision I might have - bought it...
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    Future of Blu-Ray vs Streaming?

    If you want to *own* the content, you'll have to purchase the physical media. But they're going to break the physical media model eventually - every major streaming company now produces its own content and I don't think any of it will ever come to disc. Streaming services are starting to add...
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    HP Reverb G2

    Don't forget Superhot VR is also 40% off, now $15. I haven't tried it yet myself. I've spent a few hours in Valve's "The Lab" (free), which I feel was really well done. A couple hours in Google Earth VR (free), which I had experienced once before. The remaining ~100 hours in DCS: World.
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    Am I about to get scammed?

    What about a verified address with snail mail confirmation. Lots of companies do it that way. You add a new address and go through a verification process where they mail you a card with a unique code on it, you enter that code online and now you're legit. It makes it a lot more difficult (but...
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    Am I about to get scammed?

    The last time I sold a GPU on eBay it was won by someone in the country of Georgia. I specifically set the auction options to only ship to US addresses. When he paid via Paypal it listed an unverified re-shipper's address in NJ. Paypal recommends sitting on the goods until the funds are...
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    Old Core2 duo, could it?

    Another vote for a Pi 4 - and this might be interesting to the tinkerers among us "Windows on Raspberry; Get the full desktop experience on your Raspberry Pi" Second choice, if you're just talking about a media consumption device, would be any of the Roku or Amazon...
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    3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 AGP - 2 options, full box

    I still have a Voodoo3 2000 PCI in my beige Mac G3. It was the first discreet video card I ever purchased, and has outlived them all.
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    Reverb G2 Warning

    I had the typical USB problems on my X570/3700X combo but I had a PCIE USB3 card that solved it. Has been solid for the 4 weeks I've had it. I did take advantage of the reviews complaining about the HMD cable and I used Velcro cable wrap to affix the cable to the headstrap immediately before...
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    What printers do you all use?

    We've been buying up all the Stratasys Dimension SST printers within about 250 miles. 2x 768 SST, 2x 1200 SST, 2x 1200 ES. Companies and schools are dumping them for $2000-5000. Don't pay a penny more, the deals are out there if you can wait for one. Still searching for a suitable soluable...
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    MSI Radeon HD 7950 TFIII OC on eBay

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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    I...have no explanation for that.
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    haha I know right. I figured after so much time had passed someone would realize it. I couldn't let the myth live on!
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    Does nobody notice the black cable going under the pan to something white with a rounded edge - almost like an electric hot plate...? No black cables go into the pan over the sides and the PSU is powered from the opposite side of the pic. You've been duped.
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    2TB NAS, mirrored, educate me

    I don't require any level of performance. I was fine at 20-30MB/s before. It can run backups for as long as it takes.