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    Introducing AMD Radeon RX Vega

    I liked when they riffed on the "way its meant to be played" at the end of the video. Shots Fired as a long standing nvidia owner it'd be nice to see some competition at the top end again (I hope)
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    Help with finding a new 5.1 amp

    I know this doesn't add any value but its nice to see someone else with the old cambridge soundworks 5.1 set. I have two of them still kicking, one on my gaming pc and one on my daugters pc. 15 years or so later and nothing has failed on either of them. They don't make anything like this anymore...
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    GIGABYTE Z170X Gaming G1 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the great review - love this board setup has been quick and easy, besides a little issue with the antenna.
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    What Z170 Board do you plan to use?

    Was interested in the gigabyte gaming g1 but haven't seen any of the review folks i trust look at it yet.
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Wondering if anyone else is having the same issues I've been having lately. Panel showed up about a month ago with no issues great colors, fast response setting it up was a breeze. Gsync worked as advertised had no issues with alien isolation / shadows of mordor. But i have tried to play Far cry...
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q

    I can say going from a U3011 to the asus rog swift has been a great experience. I love the smooth no tearing gameplay (gsync) I get with this monitor and 980's in sli. Great monitor use nowinstock to track it and find it at msrp. Don't pay the scalpers....
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    Nvidia 980/970 Availability Thread

    I'm still waiting for my pair of evga 980 sc's from amazon. Cyntech if you don't mind me asking when did you order yours? Mine was on 9/20 and i haven't received anything yet.
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    690 to 980 sli

    Thanks for the info, I game at 2560x1600 and the vram has caused me issues in max payne 3, watch dogs and a few others so i was thinking flat out that the vram upgrade might be worth it.
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    690 to 980 sli

    Headline says it all I've been rocking my 690 for about 2 years and it seems to be almost impossible to find a site that would compare 980's in sli to a 690. I know its older and the more vram would be better. But would it be better to hold off for a 990 which seems likely with the low tdp on...
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    Wolfenstein The New Order $21.99 Steam Key

    game was a ton of fun - and at this price its well worth the cost
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    Doom 4 now just Doom teaser trailer

    still waiting for the quake con presentation to get leaked online...its just a matter of time
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    Microsoft closing down Xbox studio's

    lets just keep making games and forget about tv junk
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    My video card is broken? Or something else?

    Looks like a bad card to me,
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    Bitdefender 2015 - 9 Month License - Free

    wow nice deal, thanks for the link
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    GTX 880 and 800 Series to be More Powerful But Cheaper than the 700 Series

    I'm going to hold out judgement on the new shield tablet, but if they can make streaming over lte working decently for everything besides fps. Then i may just have to purchase one of these for gaming on the go.