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    Samsung 970 Pro vs 970 Evo Plus

    I have an 860evo, 960 pro (500gb), a 970 pro (500gb) and a 970 evo plus (1tb) in the same system. I'm currently using the 970pro as the os drive (replaced the 960) and the 970 evo+ for my games. For a regular gaming/web browsing/media pc there was little to no noticeable difference between them...
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    KOTOR II Designer/Writer Chris Avellone Helped Write Respawn's "Jedi: Fallen Order"

    "Respawn" Huh? "Jedi: Fallen Order" Go on... "after Episode 3... about a Padawan who managed to survive Order 66." You have my attention... "Singleplayer-only"
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    m.2 slots - all the confusion

    Page 33 of your user manual: Step 1: Get a screw and a standoff from the included M.2 screw and standoff packs. Locate the M.2 connector where you will install the M.2 SSD, use a screwdriver to unfasten the screw on the heatsink and then remove the heatsink. Step 2: Locate the proper mounting...
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    Are HGST drives now discontinued?

    Well, you can still buy hgst nas drives for now (until stock is depleted.) WD is also keeping the ultrastar alive, just rebranding it as WD Ultrastar. Looks like they are also dropping helium filled sata on drives smaller then 14TB.
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    NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

    Newegg told me nope, my rtx purchase does not qualify, codes are for cards sold between today and Jan 31st 2019 only.
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    Have a gaming z; aside from it being huge, heavy and comes with a bracket thats mostly just for decoration, no issues here... Only had the card for a few days though.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Files Hint at PC Version

    RDR2 console = meh... I can wait for the $20 sales. RDR2 PC = Instabuy.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Thanks Brent & Kyle for the review; got one to finally replace my 560ti, I think its time. Didn't want to risk going used (none locally anyways,) and in my area 1080 options were blower/mini for less then $100 savings or a higer end card for almost same price. 1080ti/2080 are over $1k so thats...
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    Epson Pushing Firmware Upgrades That Disable Third-Party Ink Usage

    I get images specialist ink for my canon printer at a good price, about $30usd for a 12oz kit (5 refills, maybe more) that last me around 1 year, sometimes longer. I don't use my printer much so to make sure it doesn't get clogged I have it set to print a nozzle check twice a week. I also have a...
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    Haas F1 Team uses Epyc Supercomputers

    The way it was explained to me was that all teams get some of the revenue profits outside of the constructors standings, but Ferrari gets around 70 million euros on top of that. So its; constructor standings + revenu sharing(bonus) + 70 mil(Ferrari tax) vs. the other teams that only get...
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    Haas F1 Team uses Epyc Supercomputers

    For a bit of perspective: in the past 25 years 10 different drivers have won, the majority coming from just 3 drivers (Schumacher, Hamilton and Vettle with a combined 16 championships, almost 17 if not for the incidents of '97.) In the 25 years prior, 14 different drivers won, with only 3...
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    Haas F1 Team uses Epyc Supercomputers

    True, and a lot of the control is with Ferrari. I lold hard when I first heard that F1/FIA pays a 'Ferrari tax' to have them stay in F1.... then I found out it was actually true.
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    Haas F1 Team uses Epyc Supercomputers

    The regulations were put in place to help the small teams, even if it hasn't actually helped them, by stopping the big 3 from spending a billion+ dollars on dev and testing. Also both HAAS and Sauber use last years Ferrari engine, while other teams use the same old spec engines of the other...
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    Haas F1 Team uses Epyc Supercomputers

    Everything is regulated in F1, a lot of it is to give all (smaller) teams a fair chance at development. For example, a few years back it was reported that Ferrari had a dev budget of 500 million euros ($575 million dollars) with Mercedes and Red Bull not far behind. Teams like HAAS wouldn't be...
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    Here Is the Announcement Trailer for Cities: Skylines - Industries

    Yeah, thats what Ill do for some games, just have to be patient and check for sales. If its your first time using cdkeys, when clicking on the game you want, it will show what platform and region its available on. For this game its a worldwide steam code that they will email/text right away.